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Jean Scholz Mellum

Jean Scholz Mellum

Assistant Professor, Nursing


  • Nursing

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Dr. Jean Scholz Mellum is assistant professor at Capital University. She enjoys teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels, especially nursing informatics and nursing leadership. Previously, Dr. Scholz Mellum held leadership positions with a specialty focus on executive practice and has been recognized for project management, leading win-win collaboration with competing groups, transparent communication, innovation and creativity, and organizing successful change projects.

Her research interests are related to new models of care, especially for older adult healthcare and self-care management, and mixed methods research strategies. Translation of her research findings help practicing nurses appreciate the holistic care needed for older adults related to their grit and managing their limitations. The findings from her research shift the focus from providers to patients; and suggest that future development of health care policy for older adults should also shift to focus on the holistic needs and abilities of older adults and not solely on provider needs and abilities.

Dr. Scholz Mellum was selected to the prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Nurse Executive Leadership fellowship, one of only 20 nurse leaders selected from across the country that year. She is certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) for advanced executive nursing practice. In addition, she received Graduate Student Scholar Awards from the University of Cincinnati and was a PEO Scholar Nominee in 2014. During her work with the Ohio Hospital Association (OHA), Dr. Scholz Mellum was a two-time winner of OHA’s Employee of the Quarter, inducted into the Dorothy Cornelius Leadership Congress, is a recipient of the Dan McKane Jaycees Leadership Award, and received the Riverside Methodist Hospital Nurse Excellence Award.

Ph.D., The University of Cincinnati
Master of Science, The Ohio State University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Ohio Wesleyan University
Nursing Informatics
Nursing Leadership

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