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Roxana Vatanparast

Roxana Vatanparast

Assistant Professor


  • Law School

Contact Information


Dr. Roxana Vatanparast is an Assistant Professor of Law at Capital University Law School. Her scholarship examines the intersections of law, technology, and global governance. She brings an interdisciplinary lens to exploring the legal and governance implications of digital technologies and how they in turn reshape law and governance, with a particular interest in issues of democracy, inequality, and expertise.

Before joining Capital University Law School, Professor Vatanparast was a Fellow with the Transatlantic Technology Law Forum at Stanford Law School, a Visiting Fellow with the Program on Science, Technology and Society at the Harvard Kennedy School, and a Visiting Researcher at the Institute for Global Law & Policy at Harvard Law School. She currently serves as a Convenor of the European Society of International Law’s Working Group on International Law and Technology. In addition, Professor Vatanparast teaches a course on “Global Digital Law & Politics” at Harvard Summer School.

Professor Vatanparast’s scholarship has appeared or is forthcoming in journals including Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, Heidelberg Journal of International Law, Brooklyn Journal of International Law, Harvard International Law Journal Online, and Juridikum – Austria’s Critical Law Review. She speaks regularly at international conferences about current issues around law and digital technology.

Professor Vatanparast is the author of the forthcoming book Cable Empires: Infrastructures and the Making of Empire, Technology and International Law, under contract with Cambridge University Press.

Professor Vatanparast holds a PhD in Law & Institutions from the University of Turin, a LLM from the International University College of Turin, a JD from UC Law SF (formerly UC Hastings), and a BA from UC San Diego. Prior to teaching, she practiced law for several years in private practice.

  • Ph.D., University of Turin, Faculty of Law
  • LL.M., International University College of Turin & University of Turin
  • J.D., University of California College of Law, San Francisco (UC Law SF, formerly UC Hastings)
  • B.A., University of California, San Diego
Areas of Expertise
  • Law & Technology 
  • International Law
  • Property
  • Digital Economy
  • Data Governance
  • Digital Infrastructures
  • Undersea Cables
  • Geopolitics of Digital Technologies
  • Digital Technology Regulation
  • Environmental Impacts of Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence


Cable Empires: Infrastructures and the Making of Empire, Technology, and International Law (under contract with Cambridge University Press)


David Dudley Field and the Technological Sensibility of International Law Codification, 52 Denver Journal of International Law and Policy (forthcoming 2024).

Internet Infrastructure and Global Politics: The Role and Impact of Technical Standards on Digital Global Governance, 117 Proceedings of the ASIL Annual Meeting (American Society of International Law) (forthcoming 2024).

Digital Monetary Constitutionalism: The Democratic Potential of Monetary Pluralism and Polycentric Governance, 30(2) Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 165 (Summer 2023).

The Code of Data Capital: A Distributional Analysis of Law in the Global Data Economy, 1/2021 juridikum – Austria’s Critical Law Review 98-110 (2021).

Data Governance and the Elasticity of Sovereignty, 46(1) Brooklyn Journal of International Law 1 (2020).

Designed to Serve Mankind? The Politics of the GDPR as a Global Standard and the Limits of Privacy, 8(4) Heidelberg Journal of International Law (2020) (peer-reviewed).

Data Waste, 61 Harvard International Law Journal Online (2020) (with Elettra Bietti).

The Infrastructures of the Global Data Economy: Undersea Cables and International Law, 61 Harvard International Law Journal Online (2020).

Book Chapters

Algorithmic Environmentality: Data Infrastructures in Global Environmental Governance, in Global Governance by Data: Infrastructures of Algorithmic Rule (Fleur Johns, Gavin Sullivan, & Dimitri Van Den Meerssche eds., Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2024).

Data Waste: The Environmental and Democratic Problems Associated with Data-Driven Infrastructures, in Wastiary (Michael Picard, et al. eds., UCL Press, 2023) (with Elettra Bietti).

Waging Peace: Ambiguities, Contradictions, and Problems of a Jus Post Bellum Legal Framework, in Jus Post Bellum: Mapping the Normative Foundations (Carsten Stahn, Jennifer Easterday, & Jens Iverson eds., Oxford University Press, 2014).

Book Reviews

Book Review (reviewing Fritjof Capra and Ugo Mattei, The Ecology of Law: Toward a Legal System in Tune with Nature and Community (2015)), 8(2) Journal of Human Rights & The Environment 305-310 (September 2017).

Web-Based Publications

Designed to Serve Mankind? The Politics of the General Data Protection Regulation, Völkerrechtsblog (May 2019), doi: 10.17176/20190529-121845-0.