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Nate Whelan-Jackson

Nate Whelan-Jackson

Associate Professor


  • Religion and Philosophy

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Dr. Jackson's teaching and research focus on ethics, issues concerned with moral education, and American philosophy. Animated by the sense that philosophical inquiry can be formative and impactful, he strives to integrate philosophical and personal reflection in coursework.

In the philosophy program, Dr. Jackson teaches a range of topics, including historically-focused classes like Classical Greek Philosophy, as well as courses highlighting major issues, like Philosophy of Religion and Philosophy and Science. This breadth is quite exciting, enabling valuable convergence and conversation around a variety of disparate figures and issues.

In the general education program, Dr. Jackson has taught multiple First Year Seminars as well as UC-410 Ethical Issues and Contemporary Religious Conviction. His UC-410 classes are characterized by an emphasis on community engagement and using the texts and materials of a variety of philosophical traditions to bear on live moral quandaries. This focus helps bring philosophy to life, showing moral and ethical deliberation is a task we are called to perform.

As a researcher, Dr. Jackson's central interests concern moral education and the possibility of morality without rules. Broadly, are principles necessary for moral reasoning? What might other forms of deliberation look like? And, if there are alternatives, how should moral education proceed? These research questions impact how we teach classes like ethics.

More recently, his research has expanded into disability studies. In particular, people with disabilities are often dismissed as authorities about their experiences. Dr. Jackson is currently working on projects that examine this tendency and and offer some criticism of the underlying arguments.
First Year Seminar
Classical Greek Philosophy
Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy and Science
Contemporary Problem in Philosophy
Major Philosophers
Ethical Issues and Contemporary Religious Conviction
Degrees Earned
B.A. Philosophy, Capital University, 2006
M.A. Humanities, University of Chicago, 2007
M.A. Philosophy, Baylor University, 2011
Ph.D. Philosophy, Baylor University, 2014
Jackson, Nate (2016). John Dewey and the Possibility of Particularist Moral Education. Southwest Philosophy Review 32 (1):215-224.

Jackson, Nate (2016). Moral Particularism and the Role of Imaginary Cases: A Pragmatist Approach. European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy 8 (1):237-259.

Jackson, Nate (2014). Common Sense and Pragmatism: Reid and Peirce on the Justification of First Principles. Journal of Scottish Philosophy 12 (2):163-179.