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      Your first step to success: Keeping well.

      College is demanding and classes can easily consume most of your time. However, your well-being is the singular, most important priority and trying to meet the demands of college is far more difficult when you’re not feeling well.

      The Center for Health and Wellness is here to provide Capital students a full range of medical and mental health services, respectfully serving the diverse needs of our campus community.

      We provide medical and counseling services for all Capital students year-round and promote health and well-being with training for undergrad students who are interested in becoming certified peer educators and graduate students interested in counselor training.

      Updated Counseling Resources at the Center for Health and Wellness

      At the end of last semester, Capital University announced an expansion of our partnership with Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (OSUWMC) to include behavioral health services. This change occurred due to feedback about long wait times and a lack of adequate available counseling appointments.   

      Two full-time psychotherapists are provided by OSUWMC through our Center for Health and Wellness (CHW). The counselors are able to work with students full time since management of the office is handled through OSUWMC. As the partnership continues, we will monitor student feedback and work with OSUWMC to serve the behavioral health needs of our community. 

      Under the new partnership, the CHW now offers:

      • An increased number of appointments for students; 
      • Walk-in morning and afternoon crisis hours, Monday through Friday; 
      • Added educational and preventative behavioral and mental healthcare services; 
      • Better coordination and collaboration with OSUWMC’s behavioral healthcare facilities for additional treatment options; 
      • Access to psychiatric services, if needed; and 
      • An updated website will be available soon. 

      Two new graduate assistantships have been created to increase access to diverse counselors at the University and, eventually, in the community through Capital’s Clinical and Mental Health Counseling program. We are committed to identifying outstanding students who are members of diverse and underrepresented groups in careers related to the field of mental health to participate in this opportunity.  Training will be provided by a team of independently licensed psychotherapists employed by OSUWMC.  In addition to on-site clinical supervision, there are opportunities for additional mentorship within the OSUWMC Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Health and Harding Hospital.   

      Capital continues to have on-call counselors available 24 hours per day.  

      • Appointments can be arranged by contacting the Center for Health and Wellness at 614-236-6114 or Once established with an OSUWMC provider, patients will have access to MyChart, an online portal to manage their health care and communicate with their provider. All OSUWMC records are protected by HIPAA. 
      • For an after-hour crisis (5 p.m. to 8:30 a.m.), please contact the Center for Health and Wellness at 614-236-6114 and you will be connected with an on-call counselor.   
      • If you are on campus and need immediate medical or behavioral health treatment, please call Public Safety at 614-236-6666. 
      • If you are off-campus and need immediate medical or behavioral health treatment, please call 9-1-1 or go directly to a local hospital emergency room.  

      If you have questions about this partnership, please reach out to Deanna Wagner, dean of Engagement and Success, at  

    • Center for Health and Wellness Staff
      Meet Our Staff

      Our committed staff is here to help you with the assessment, treatment, prevention, and promotion of your health and well-being while you’re here.

      CHW Staff, from left to right: Jennifer Davis, Giuseppe Pandolfi-de-Rinaldis, Dr. Cathy McDaniels- Wilson, Heather Sites, Sherry Wach, Rachel Ferrell, Douglas Buzenski

      Our Services
      » Counseling Services
      » Health Services Letter to Students and Families
      » Medical Services
      » Available Health Resources 

      Health Policies and Protocols

      » Immunization Policy
      » Communicable Disease
      » Medical Excuse Policy
      » Policy on Confidentiality
      » ADD/ADHD Protocol

      Programs and Training
      » Clinical Counseling Training Program

      If you feel you are in a life-threatening situation and you're on Bexley's campus, call Public Safety at 614-236-6666.


      If you have recently experienced sexual violence, stalking or intimate partner violence and would like to learn more about the variety of support services immediately available on campus or within the surrounding community, please contact the Capital University Title IX Coordinator.



    • Helpful Links
      Off-Campus Resources 
      New Student Information
      Help Prevent the Spread of Mumps
      Programs & Workshops

      Marijuana Check-up
      Do you have special needs? Capital provides support services to qualified individuals with disabilities.  

    • Center for Wellness

      Where are we located?
      Kline Building
      2311 East Main Street

      Located between the Blackmore Library and Battelle Hall

      Contact us by phone :

      Or by Fax: 

      For Emergencies:
      Please contact Public Safety at 614-236-6666

      Free Consultation with the Advise Nurse
      Monday-Wednesday-Friday: 8:30 to 11:30 am
      Tuesday-Thursday: 1 to 4 pm

      Appointment with the Certified Nurse Practitioner
      Monday-Wednesday-Friday: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
      Tuesday-Thursday: 10 am to 2 pm

      Academic Semester Hours
      Mon 8 am-6 pm
      Tues 8 am-6 pm
      Weds 8 am-5 pm
      Thurs 8 am-5 pm
      Fri 8 am-3 pm

      Services are limited and subject to change during the summer.

      Call us if you have questions or to schedule a medical, counseling, or disability services appointment, and leave a voicemail message if necessary.


    • EMERGENCY? CALL 614.236.6666

      If you feel you are in a life-threatening situation and you're on Bexley's campus, call Public Safety at 614-236-6666.

      If Public Safety determines you don't need to be taken to the emergency room, an officer will contact Residence Life and Housing staff (even for students who don't live on campus) so that an on-site staff member can help assess your need and contact the appropriate on-call center staff member.

      For non life-threatening situations:

      • Commuter and residential students may contact Residential and Commuter Life at 614-323-3282.
      • Residential students should consult with their Resident Assistant or Area Director.
      • Capital Law School students who are on the law school campus and need emergency medical or counseling services outside of normal business hours should call the law school security desk at 614-236-6161.



      Please arrive at the Center for Health and Wellness (2311 E. Main St.) 15-20 minutes prior to your appointment, allowing ample time for parking and registration.

      We request that you call 614-236-6114 to reschedule if you are unable to arrive on time.
      Please bring these items:

      • Completed registration forms from this packet; present these at the front desk check-in
      • If applicable (check with your insurance provider), a referral from your primary care physician to see a specialist
      • Student ID
      • State ID
      • Insurance card (if applicable)

      Please download and fill out the New Patient Packet in advance  to expedite your visit.