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    Master of Arts in Education

  • Take control of your career with a Master of Arts in Education from Capital.

    As an educator, you’re part of a special breed. You’re a singular soul who loves seeding the spark of understanding in a student’s outlook and growth. You relish your own and your students’ curiosity and live for those moments when you see the connection form in a student’s mind — those incalculable “ah-ha” moments that redeem your hard work, your training, and your love of learning. Moments that make a difference in a child’s life.

    Now you find yourself at a crossroad. You want to do more. You want to see more of those “ah-ha” moments. To discover new ways to reach students, extend your impact, and advance your career — personally, professionally, and financially. You want a Master of Arts in Education from Capital University.

    Capital enjoys a strong reputation for providing rigorous, flexible advanced degree programs designed especially for working professionals seeking to heighten their impact and grow their careers. That’s why our Master of Arts in Education program features hybrid learning that combines on-campus, online and in-field experience that can accommodate your personal and professional life. Complementing your on-campus classes, our online courses include readings, video responses, blogging, and face-time discussions. This approach goes beyond standard distance learning formats by offering meaningful, personal interactions with your professors and colleagues.

    In classes of fewer than 15 students, on-campus classes meet on Thursday evenings from 5 to 8 pm, once every third week of the semester followed by two weeks of individual online coursework. Candidates can choose from three areas of concentration — teaching, administration or counseling. And depending on your area of concentration, you can obtain your Master of Arts in Education degree in as few as two years or less.

    Learn from leaders who care about you.

    Classes have fewer than 15 studentsKnowing that you represent the future of teaching and education — a profession they love — your professors step beyond the typical student-teacher relationship — often assuming roles of career counselor, mentor, friend, and colleague. Through them, you can grow your expertise and leadership skills in whichever program concentration your passion and gifts dictate. Along the way, you’ll acquire a comprehensive understanding of the latest theory and best practices available today.

    Our education faculty represents a diverse mix of professors with Ph.D.s, executive professors, and adjunct faculty who are actively leading in the area they teach. Through a faculty of both full-time professors and established school administrators, teachers and counselors, you'll have access to an ideal blend of scholarship, theory, teaching expertise, emerging trends and a robust professional network.

    Get the master's degree that lets you balance work, life and study.


    At Capital, we understand that you are as unique as each of your students. We know you can’t find time to advance your career without finding time for yourself. It’s why our program allows you to finish in as few as two years — or at whatever pace that fits your life, family and career. Core courses are offered each term so you can progress quickly or, when life and work intervene, take a break and pick right back up where you left off. At Capital, there is always a path to reach your education and career goals.

    Regardless of your program choice, you can expect:

    • On-campus classes that meet Thursday evenings
    • Interactive online experience
    • Hands-on field experience
    • 15 students or fewer per class
    • Full-time or part-time options

    Let your love of teaching — and learning — take you further.

    Columbus offers you access to the biggest and strongest job market in the state.Close to downtown Columbus, Capital is within 20 minutes of urban, suburban and rural school districts, offering you access to the biggest and strongest job market in the state and a rich range of field experiences. In completing your field experiences, you’ll learn expert skills from the best administrators, teachers and counselors and encounter the best practices of Central Ohio’s leading education providers. In doing so, you’ll be able to grow your professional connections and expand your career network. Upon graduating you’ll join a distinct alumni family we call CapFam — a network whose members share your background, your gifts and your dogged determination to fully develop your own potential and the potential of the students whose lives you touch every day.

    Education is personal — we are, too.

    Let's get personal. Professionals take their commitment to shaping young minds personally.Whether as teachers, administrators or counselors, education professionals take their commitment to shaping lives, instilling confidence, and expanding young minds personally. At Capital, our personal commitment to you starts the very moment you contact us. We believe the best way to connect with us is in person by visiting campus for an information session. In this session, you can learn more about how we can help grow your career without surrendering your obligations to work and family. Our advisers can help you take advantage of the coursework you’ve already completed and bring you one step closer to where you want to be — in your career and life.

  • Adult and Graduate Tuition and Fees

    Adult and Graduate Tuition and Fees
    Adult and Continuing Education $514 x credit hour
    Adult and Continuing Education (Social Work) $417 x credit hour
    Doctor of Nursing Practice $950 x credit hour
    Master of Arts in Education (includes endorsement) $632 x credit hour
    Master's Program in Music Education - Additional course fee of $347 for MM 681 $650 x credit hour
    Master's Program in Business Administration $710 x credit hour
    Master's Program in Nursing $650 x credit hour
    Accelerated BSN $578 x credit hour
    Capital Law School - JD Concentrations  
    Capital Law School - LL.M. $1,334 x credit hour
    Capital Law School - Master of Taxation $694 x credit hour
    Capital Law School - Master of Legal Studies $694 x credit hour
    Evening Paralegal Program $412 x credit hour
    Summer Immersion Paralegal Program $412 x credit hour
    Legal Nurse Consultant Program $412 x credit hour
    Life Care Planner $412 x credit hour
    Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University $624 x credit hour
    Health and Wellness (Full-time students only) $110/year
    Technology Fee $110/year