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      Government of the people, by the people and for the people relies on this important tenet: educated and engaged citizens.

      It depends on people who understand the needs of the population, who are familiar with law and policy, and who are committed to making their town, their nation, their world a better place. That’s where you come in. If you consider yourself a change-maker, our political science major is the path for you. 

      what you'll learn

      Whether you plan to run for office, or prefer to influence public policy from behind the scenes through analysis, lobbying or campaign strategy, our political science major will infuse you with the skills, the knowledge and the experience to make it happen. Through the study of how nations and people govern themselves, Capital’s political science majors understand political theory, comparative government, international relations, public administration and American politics.

      More important, they have the skills to interpret and analyze political events, which is critical to being a well-educated citizen of the contemporary world. In your Capital courses, you will gain a broad understanding of the history and theory behind American politics, an in-depth look at the trend toward party polarization, and an overview of how campaigns are influenced by the media and today’s 24-hour news cycle. Explore our program and course descriptions in our online course bulletin.

      High-Impact Practices: Internships and Research

      Columbus’ status as a state capital provides a wealth of hands-on learning opportunities and a front seat in a battleground state during presidential elections. You could work for a local campaign. Intern in the office of a state legislator or U.S. Congressman. Or volunteer for a political advocacy group. Work closely with your professors on an undergraduate research project that explores your particular area of interest and present your work at our annual Symposium on Undergraduate Scholarship. High-impact practices, like internships, undergraduate research and capstone projects, are proven to enhance student-learning. That's why you'll experience them throughout your Capital education.

      Our Political Science interns earn credit while working in a city, state or local government office, or with the federal government in Washington, D.C. As an intern, you could work with government officials, politicians or lobbyists and are expected to engage in significant experiences. Internship placement also is available with campaign organizations or political candidates.

      Where you'll go: Careers and Placement


      Here's what some of our graduates are doing now:

      Senior Trust Officer • Judge • Legislative Aide • Pastor • Attorney • Chief Executive Officer • Chief Fiscal Officer • Missionary • Senior Collection Officer • State Representative • U.S. Secret Service • Teacher • Campaign Organizer • Professor • City Council Member • Fire Chief • Director of Student Affairs 

        The foundation you receive as a Capital political science major will prepare you for a lifetime of positive impact in your community and in your world through a wide array of sectors, from governmental agencies to private foundations to corporations with a vested interest in government regulations and actions. 

        But your options don’t stop here. You may use your background for entry into law school (Did we mention we have a Law School?) or advanced study or another area of interest. 

        Because politics affects each of us, both directly and indirectly, you can be certain that your degree will provide you with an ongoing basis for understanding what is happening in the world today.

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