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Mail Services

Update: Please read the latest Covid-19 Mail Services Announcement (PDF)

Capital's Mail Services, located on the lower level of the Student Union, serves the campus community as a full-service U.S. Post Office. In addition to distributing mail to student mailboxes and picking up and delivering mail to campus offices, we weigh items, sell postage and arrange and receive UPS, Federal Express and other shipments.
We receive U.S. Postal Service mail daily in the morning. We then distribute it throughout campus.

Hours of Operation

We’re open from 8:30 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, and we're closed on holidays when the university is closed.

Student Mailboxes

Student mailboxes are on the lower level of the Student Union. All undergraduate students get a secured mailbox free of charge.

Addressing Mail to Capital Students

Address mail to Capital students using the student's mailbox number, not to their residence hall.
The proper address format is:

Student Name & Box #
Capital University
745 Pleasant Ridge Ave
Columbus OH 43209-2427

Packages and Bulk Items

Students must pick up packages and bulk items from the Mail Services counter. Students receive an email informing them they have a package.

Departmental Bulk Mailings

To expedite your departmental bulk mailings, please fill out this form (PDF) and return to

What You Can Send

Parents and relatives should feel free to send food items and sundries. We receive all legal shipments according to U.S. Postal Service rules.

Shipments Requiring Signature

Mail Services will sign for your packages upon receipt. A student signature is required to pick up a package at the Mail Services counter.

Capital University Office Mail

Mail gets delivered to and picked up from campus offices. Offices must include their account number on all mail pieces, bundles or packages. All departmental mail is metered and charged to the department's account.

Offices should call Mail Services at 6658 the day of pick up for heavy items or numerous boxes.

Change of Address

Mail Services will forward all your first class mail for up to one year after you have graduated or withdrawn or if you are moving off campus and need to file for an address change. Please complete this form (PDF) and follow instructions on how to submit your request.