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Travel and Purchasing Card


After your trip, collect your receipts and submit the originals with a properly filled out Travel Expense Report. If you use the Excel spreadsheet on the Finance Office website, all calculations will be done for you. If you are printing the sheet and filling it out manually, you must do the math. If there is money left, place in an envelope and attach to the Travel Expense Report. If money is due to you, fill in the appropriate line on the Travel Expense Report and a check will be written to you.

Turn in the Travel Expense Report to the Accounts Payable office located in the Finance Office. They will be checked for accuracy and given to the Director of Accounting Operations for approval. Your check will be written after the report comes back, signed, from the Director.

Travel Expense Form (XLSX)
Hotel Listings
Rental Car Discounts

Purchasing Card

The Capital University Purchasing Card (PCard) is a City National Visa card that is designed to create a more efficient and cost effective procurement process for limited dollar purchases from vendors that accept Visa. This program will allow the cardholder and authorized users to facilitate emergency supply purchases in which there isn’t time to process the order through myCap. Oversight for the Purchasing Card Program will be provided by the Finance Office.

Responsibility for appropriate administration and card usage rests with individual cardholders and departments. The Finance Office monitors departmental compliance with the Purchasing Card Program.

Purchasing cards are issued to those who do the majority of buying for a department. If you feel you have a legitimate need for a purchasing card, contact the Finance Office. Once the need is identified, an application must be submitted. The card will arrive at the Finance Office within 7-10 business days, at which time you will be contacted by the Finance Office to schedule a time for training. At the conclusion of your training session, you will receive your purchasing card.

City National Purchasing Card Portal
Purchasing Card Application and Cardholder Agreement
Purchasing Card Training How-to
Lost or Missing Receipt Form