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Interdisciplinary Studies

  • You entered the working world without completing college, and you've done all right so far. But now you want more. More chances to move up. More skills that enable you to grow in different directions. And a degree that makes you competitive in a rapidly changing market.

    Interdisciplinary studies was designed for people like you: adult transfer students who have work experience and some previous college credit. This program allows you to integrate your existing knowledge and experience with a second area of study that extends or enriches it.

     The interdisciplinary nature of learning is emphasized through the Interdisciplinary Studies Core courses. Students culminate their university experience by engaging in integrative research. They both design and complete a senior thesis or a capstone project. Interdisciplinary Studies majors can expect the following learning outcomes:

    • Ability to demonstrate foundational skills in reading, writing, oral communication, information literacy, and refinement of critical reflection and thinking.
    • Ability to demonstrate self-directed, lifelong learning skills.
    • Ability to explore complex questions by engaging in interdisciplinary inquiry.
    • Ability to apply content learning in a professional environment. 

     The IDS major requires a minimum of 48 credits, including 12 credit hours taken from the IDS Core plus 36 credit hours taken in at lease two integrated academic disciplines.  

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