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     Master of Music in Music Education with Kodály Emphasis

    Put world-renowned Kodály teaching methods to work for you — and your students
    Hungarian composer, music educator, and philosopher, Zoltán Kodály revolutionized the teaching of music in the mid-20th century. His methods offer you a way to enable your students to listen, understand, and evaluate music at a much deeper level than mere recitation ever can. And today, Capital is among a handful of U.S. universities where you can learn this philosophy from distinguished master teachers and take yourself and your students to the next level.

    By pursuing your master’s in music through Capital’s Kodály Institute, you can obtain your degree in just three summers of intensive coursework and immersive, hands-on workshops. Plus, you’ll be able to put what you learn during your very first summer to work in your classroom in the fall. Upon graduation, you will receive a Master of Music in Music Education with Kodály Emphasis as well as Kodály Certification.

    In the Kodály Emphasis program track, you’ll encounter a blend of the latest music education theory and real-world applications. Whether in class or a workshop, you’ll learn from a distinguished faculty of respected scholars and sought-after teachers, including master educators from the Kodály Institute in Hungary. In learning from and interacting with this prestigious faculty, you’ll be able to expand your professional network beyond Ohio and the U.S. Your master’s program will culminate in a final project that demonstrates your understanding of the Kodály philosophy, teaching strategies and principles, and music materials for classroom and choir use.

    A master’s program designed to work around — and for — you.
    In the Kodály Emphasis track, you can participate in our four-day Complete Band Director Workshop and learn how to establish, administer and teach a well-balanced band program. And if you’re running your own summer band camp, you can enroll in just one of the two summer sessions and still earn your master’s degree in only three summers. This flexibility is just one of many reasons so many music educators choose Capital for their Master of Music in Music Education.

    Kodály Emphasis Highlights

    • Courses in Methodology, Folksong Research, Conducting, Choir and Music Theory
    • Immersive, Hands-on Workshops
    • Choose from 2 Program Tracks:
           Elementary Music Education
           Secondary Choral Music Education
    • 32 credit hours
    • 3 summer semesters to complete
    • 2 sessions each summer
    • Music Assessment and Final Project
  • Master of Music in Music Education

    Ryan Shaw talks about his experience with the Masters of Music in Music Education program at Capital University.