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    Music, Art & Communication

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    Whether you choose chord progressions, watercolors, digital media or crafted language to communicate, you have something to say. You want to be heard. By the right audience. At the right time. 

    Some messages are beyond words — they reside in that space we don’t quite understand yet. Where only artistic endeavor can translate them. Others must be argued — delivered convincingly and supported with evidence to influence an audience that’s distracted, skeptical or uninformed.

    This is the world of music, art and communication at Capital University, where we value communication skills so highly that we’ve woven them into every part of the Capital education. Out of our majors, minors and concentrations in music, art and communication, we graduate composers, performers, actors, communicators, reputation managers, educators, actors, artists and art therapists, stage musicians, news anchors, film-makers, directors, producers, engineers and more.

    Explore our programs. Meet our professors. Hear from our graduates. Find out how Capital can help you use your talent, skills and knowledge to bring inspiration to the world.

    Conservatory Admission and Audition Requirements

    Admission into this program will require you to complete a two-part process to gain admittance to both Capital University and the Conservatory of Music.