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Alcohol Checkup

Better understand your drinking habits without talking to a counselor.

Are you concerned about your drinking habits? Maybe you say it's not a big deal, but would feel better about some profesional feedback. Or you want to know how you compare to other college students.

With our Alcohol eCheckup tool, you can get personalized feedback about:

  • Your individual drinking patterns 
  • Specific health and personal consequences 
  • Unique personal and family risk factors 
  • Campus and community support services   

How Does it Work?

The Alcohol eCheckup is a brief, interactive web survey that will give you personal feedback about your use of alcohol. The survey process:

  • Takes 6-7 minutes 
  • Is completely self-guided 
  • Requires no contact with a counselor or administrator 

Simply provide information about your demographic, drinking habits, and family history. Your information is processed, calculated, and compared to national and local college norms, and you are provided with personalized feedback you can review and print.

Start your checkup

The checkup requires internet access and a JavaScript enabled browser. We recommend you have access to a printer so you can print your results.