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April 04, 2024

April 2024: Scholarly and Professional Achievements of Capital University Faculty, Staff, and Students

Each month, Capital University takes immense pride in showcasing the remarkable accomplishments of our faculty, staff, and students. These achievements, ranging from groundbreaking research and innovative projects to significant contributions in various fields, reflect the vibrant intellectual community and commitment to excellence that define our institution. Join us in applauding these milestones and the individuals who are not only advancing their respective disciplines but also shaping the future of our university and community.

Congratulations to Dr. Christine Anderson (biology) and student Emma Young who published Detection of a Zoonotic Pathogen in a Mouse Reservoir and Tick Vector in the Hocking Hills Region of Ohio in the peer-reviewed journal BIOS, a publication of the Beta Beta Beta Biological Society. The goal of their study was to test white-footed mice and ticks for B. burgdorferi and R. rickettsii at Capital University’s Primmer Outdoor Learning Center located in Logan, Ohio during the summer 2020. The results from this study increase our understanding of tick-borne pathogens within the state of Ohio and show we need to take steps to minimize risk of disease exposure at the University field site.

Kudos to Dr. Christine Anderson (biology) who received a grant from the Ohio Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation for her project Education and Outreach with American Chestnut Plantings at Capital University’s Primmer Outdoor Learning Center in Hocking County. This work is relevant to American chestnut restoration in the state of Ohio and will lead to a grove of chestnut trees that can flower, pollinate each other, and produce viable fruit suitable for further propagation. In addition, children, youth, university students, and the general public will learn more about restoration and management, extirpated hardwood species and blight disease, and how to positively impact the environment where they live.

Congratulations to Dr. Leigh Anne Meyer (nursing) who published Advanced Physical Assessment Competency Development: Small Clinical Group Immersion Implementation in the Journal of Nursing Education. This work describes the innovative clinical model used in the Captial University course NURS 525: Advanced Physical Assessment. The course provides students with a scaffolded structure in a small clinical group model to meet outcomes advanced health assessment competency outcomes.

Congratulations to Dr. Li Feng (computer science) who presented Enhancing Computer Science Classroom Student Engagement and Inclusion in the Post-Pandemic Era through Active Learning at the 2024 Ohio PKAL conference. Feng discussed the struggles and challenges with teaching computer science courses during the COVID period. She highlighted how active learning pedagogies, such as POGIL, created a more inclusive environment for computer science students. She also noted that active learning is both more engaging for students and more enjoyable for instructors.

Many cheers for Dr. Jean Scholz Mellum (nursing) who was selected as featured chapter member for Ohio's Chapter of the American Nurses Informatics Association in April 2024. In addition, her nursing history was added to the OSU-Medical Heritage Center Nursing History Project. Scholz Mellum was interviewed by Debbie Freece (a Capital University School of Nursing alum). Freece noted that Scholz Mellum’s "career in nursing is exemplary and we would like future nurse researchers to be able to learn about her many contributions to the profession."