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April 06, 2022

By Ellie Madison, Emerging Media & PR ‘23

Benefits of Taking Summer Classes

Want to save money on classes? Want to get ahead on your education? Taking summer classes is the perfect opportunity to do so!

I have been taking college classes during the summer for the past 3 years now. Offered at a discounted price, summer classes have allowed me to get ahead in school and work towards graduating a year in advance. 

Another benefit of taking summer classes is to get potentially difficult courses out of the way in a shorter amount of time. Some of the classes I have taken over the summer include biology, accounting, art, cultural pluralism, and even some courses specific to my major. By taking some of these classes during the summer, I can fit easier classes into my schedule during the school year so I can ease some stress that may be added into each of my semesters. 

Less people take summer classes, which makes class sizes even smaller than they are during the school year. This gives you an opportunity to ask more questions, personalize your learning, and bond with some of the professors here at Capital! You are able to build an even closer relationship with your professors than you may have done during the school year.

Not only does taking summer classes allow you to get closer to graduation, save money, personalize your learning, and create solid relationships with your professors; taking summer classes also eases your way into the semester by keeping your brain engaged with school during summer break. The transition into fall semester can be difficult to handle. Even just one summer course can help you maintain a positive work ethic, so when fall comes around you are fully prepared to succeed!

To receive more information about taking summer courses, visit our course list at or contact the Registrar at