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April 25, 2022

By Victoria Wohlwend, Emerging Media '22

Capital University Students Set Out To Help Local Company “All THAT”

Capital University encourages its students to Ask, Think, Lead in their communities, and a Public Relations course is striving to do just that. The students enrolled in Emerging Media are working with a local company called All THAT. All THAT’s mission is to help at-risk students see that their futures are valuable, important, and worth working toward.

Students who find their way to All THAT get to participate in purposeful, life-enhancing, and community-building activities that will help them feel more prepared for their future. They’re offered out-of-school tutoring, skill-building opportunities, and time where they can truly explore what they want out of life. All THAT is creating a more productive and hopeful community that is full of empowered young adults who believe in their own abilities. Oftentimes the students they take in are pessimistic about where life is leading them, and All THAT wants to make it clear that they are in charge of their own futures.

In Emerging Media, students are working hands-on with this local organization to help promote everything they do for the community. By engaging with the community around them, they’re hoping to encourage students and parents alike to get involved with All THAT. The main goal for the semester is to create advertisements for the organization. These advertisements will aim to make All THAT a notable establishment, which will help them to better aid local Columbus students.

All THAT is actively making a difference in this community, and by working with Capital University students, we all have the opportunity to see active change throughout Columbus. Putting your education into action is an important component of Capital’s culture and is helping a myriad of students see a better tomorrow.

Learn more about All THAT.