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January 19, 2022

By Rebecca Mohr, Capital University Communications Manager

Connecting Campus through a Screen: A Closer Look at Project Indigo through a Student Lens

Devices are common on a college campus. Whether it’s mindlessly scrolling through the latest social media post, setting up the perfect angle for the next trend, or researching for a midterm paper, students are constantly connected to the virtual world. Students who are unable to connect in the same ways as their peers can fall behind and opportunities can pass them by. Capital is working to close the gap caused by technology-based barriers.

Through Project Indigo, students, staff, and faculty have access to their own eighth-generation Apple iPad, a first-generation Apple pencil, and a library of individualized apps. While there is no substitute for face-to-face connection, Capital is committed to making sure that everyone has equal access to technology.

Second-year nursing student Libby Erwin has found that her iPad has been a great resource for her during intensive classes, especially math and statistics.

“Paper and pencil are great, but we’re in a tech world and my iPad just makes everything so much simpler,” said Erwin. “I’m not a huge math person. I definitely have to work at it, but being able to just take down notes directly on the iPad and bring up a slideshow simultaneously is extremely helpful. I’m more focused.”

Dario Scott, first-year business management major, credits his iPad for helping him make a positive change academically.

“I use Notability to take notes because you can actually write on the iPad with the Apple pencil. It’s kind of like Microsoft Word mixed in with a smart board in the palm of your hand,” said Scott. “If you buy your textbook online, you can send it to Notability and have the ability to flip through pages, take notes, and even highlight directly on the iPad.”

Scott had already planned on having a laptop while at Capital but has found that he uses the devices differently.

“Most of the time I do my homework on the laptop and use my iPad for notes,” said Scott. “It’s easier to follow along and take notes on the iPad because you can actually write them. I like the Apple pencil as much as I like the iPad.”

As a result of Project Indigo, students, faculty, and staff are connected in ways rarely seen at other universities.

“When I first heard about it, I didn’t think that much about it. Now that we have it, it’s amazing and everyone is changing the format of how they’re learning,” said Erwin. “The iPad has given the students the ability to work in their own space, with their own resources, and to adapt to their own teaching or learning style.”

Whether its working in class together on a worksheet or designing a group project, Project Indigo has allowed Capital students to easily collaborate in ways that were previously challenging.

“In the past, not everyone had access to the same technology. So now we’re all able to contribute and feel like we’re all on an equal playing field,” said Erwin. “Everyone has equal opportunities and I think that’s great.”

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