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April 01, 2020

By Walt Eccard, Capital Alumnus '68

Encouraging Words from a 1968 Alumnus

Walt Eccard, an alumnus of the Class of 1968, had some encouraging words to share with current students enduring difficult times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Walt serves as mayor of Shallotte, N.C.

Greetings from Shallotte, N.C., and Walt Eccard (’68 – ancient history!πŸ˜€)

Back in the ’60s there were some wild β€œtrips” – but none more wild than the one you are on. The comforting routine has evaporated, BUT this too shall end. My father (’41 – really ancient history) graduated and five days later he was in the army preparing for WWII. Some day you will look back on these times, and such stories will you have to share. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with each of you and I look forward to the day you are back in class!