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September 06, 2023

By Rebecca Mohr, Capital University Communications Manager

Exploring Artistry: Unveiling the Bellamy Printz Juried Exhibition in Partnership with the Ohio Art League

Through the new Ohio Art League's Fall Juried Exhibition at the Schumacher Gallery, visitors are exposed to a curated selection of art that celebrates diversity of styles, themes, and mediums. The juried art exhibit allows for the culmination of artistic expression and innovation as artists from diverse backgrounds around the state showcase their work.

The Ohio Art League (OAL) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting visual artists and their work since 1909. As one of the oldest artist organizations in the U.S., the OAL has played a significant role in fostering the growth of the arts in the state. One of the most notable features of the OAL is its juried exhibitions. A juried exhibition is not only a celebration of creativity but also a reflection of contemporary culture and artistic trends.

“We have over 400 members across the entire state and cover about 146 zip codes,” said Matt Swift, production assistant and co-founder of Nicolettecinemagraphics and OAL secretary. “We focus on networking, career preparation and support for our artist members.”

Bellamy Printz, an active member and artist in the Cleveland art community, is the exhibition juror for the 2023 Fall Juried Exhibition. Through juried shows, the OAL tries to ensure that artists across the state are represented in their both their style and location.

“Bellamy is a print artist and we had not previously worked with a juror who had a background in print,” said Swift. “Artists can submit up to three pieces and then the exhibition juror picks a third of the show. The show matches the juried artists’ curated style and it’s a completely blind process. We give the exhibition juror a packet with the art, the size, medium and title. On average, we have over 400 submissions, and we try to choose about a third of the entries. The show at Capital will have around 65 pieces.”

“TJ Reese” by Jamaal Durr is one of the pieces Printz selected to be a part of the Ohio Art League's Fall Juried Exhibition. Durr primarily “works with charcoal and graphite for drawing, and oils for painting.”

“This piece pays homage to a fellow artist and friend. What started out as two artists sharing tips, techniques, opportunities to advance in the art world has blossomed into a solid friendship of three years and counting,” said Durr. “The work is rendered with such a care for detail that I’m hoping a sense of my connection to the subject matter shines through. I’m also hoping to spark some intrigue amongst those in attendance with the combination of mediums used.”

For artists, participating in a juried exhibit is an opportunity to gain valuable exposure and validation. The selection of their work in the exhibit can open doors to collaborations, commissions, and other artistic opportunities.

Gwen Waight, a juried artist, works primarily in found object assemblage and makes both two-dimensional and three-dimensional work.

“My sister and I were talking about a documentary about how Japanese Americans were held in internment camps in the U.S. and how neither German Americans nor Italian Americans were put in camps. We are both part Asian and it seemed obvious that it was because of what people could see on the surface, Asian features,” said Waight. “It made me think of the tension between people who present differently than the majority, thus my title ‘surface tension.’ I used an old Asian Halloween mask stretched out over a chair frame and ice picks pointing directly at the face.”

Located on the fourth floor of the Blackmore Library on Capital’s Bexley campus, the Schumacher Gallery encompasses 2,000 years of cultural history. With more than 2,500 works in the permanent collection, the gallery is open to the campus and Columbus community for study and enjoyment.

“The Schumacher Gallery is the only museum in central Ohio, if not the state, that has a permanent collection dedicated to Ohio artists. The Ohio Art League has been around for over 100 years celebrating and empowering art and artists in Ohio,” said David Gentilini, director, Schumacher Gallery. “We are excited to host this exhibition. It is the perfect complement to our dedication to highlighting the rich significance of Ohio artists.”

The Ohio Art League's Fall Juried Exhibition at Capital will open on September 5 and run through December 8, 2023. For more information about visiting the Schumacher Gallery, visit