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May 20, 2020

By Elizabeth L. Paul, Ph.D., President of Capital University

Live Local. Learn Local.

Standing Together as Central Ohio’s Leaders in Higher Education

Capital University, Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus State Community College, Franklin University, Ohio Dominican University, Ohio Wesleyan University, and Otterbein University

At a time when life as we knew it just a few months ago has been put on hold, it’s more important than ever that we look forward. For that reason, I am proud to join the presidents of Central Ohio’s other nonprofit colleges and universities in supporting the “Live Local. Learn Local.” initiative.

These schools are all different in their size, their focus and their fit with individual students. But our missions converge in the promise to purposefully educate everyone, and by doing so to strengthen and improve the bold, forward-thinking and vibrant life that we all benefit from by being part of Central Ohio.

Each of these schools encourages students to believe in themselves and in the difference they can make in their community. As presidents, we proudly partner with one another in the power and wealth of opportunities for higher education in the Columbus area, and we embrace these core ideas:

  • The safety and familiarity of home is reassuring, given that we are experiencing a situation in which travel away may be considered impractical.
  • These seven schools are national leaders among public and private institutions of higher education.
  • The importance of uninterrupted learning from high school to college is paramount.
  • The ability to build personal relationships allows us to work together with individual students and families in making college meaningful and affordable.
  • The concepts of student success and community success are interdependent.


At Capital, I firmly believe we provide a powerful pathway to a Purpose Ready workforce in Columbus and beyond. We attract and empower passionate people – students, faculty, staff, alumni and community partners – and we embrace opportunities for open-minded collaboration as we learn from one another.

To “Live Local. Learn Local.” means Capital, CCAD, Columbus State, Franklin, Ohio Dominican, Ohio Wesleyan and Otterbein will provide learning that transforms not only their students, but encourages them to boldly make a difference in the lives of all those they will touch in the future.

Read the letter from the presidents of local colleges and universities (PDF)