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May 03, 2024

May 2024: Scholarly and Professional Achievements of Capital University Faculty, Staff, and Students

Each month, Capital University takes immense pride in showcasing the remarkable accomplishments of our faculty, staff, and students. These achievements, ranging from groundbreaking research and innovative projects to significant contributions in various fields, reflect the vibrant intellectual community and commitment to excellence that define our institution. Join us in applauding these milestones and the individuals who are not only advancing their respective disciplines but also shaping the future of our university and community.

Congratulations to the following students who presented their work at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research in Long Beach, California! Under the mentorship of Dr. Kerry Cheesman (biology, emeritus), Rebecca Adejumo presented Analysis of the Portrayal of Science at the Creation Museum (Petersburg, KY) and
Comparison and Identification of Fungi in Glaciated and Non-glaciated Areas of Ohio, co-authored with Hanna Acheampong. Cheesman also mentored Jiavonni Campbell, Nathan Gibbs, Katherine Freeland, and Jaiden Watts for their presentation entitled Evaluation of the Efficacy of At-Home Genetic Testing Kits Between Identical Twins. Gibbs had two more presentations, PCR Analysis for Detection of Tetracycline Resistance Genes in Gram-Negative Soil Bacteria, mentored by Dr. John Mersfelder (biology), and Identification and Prevalence of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis on Amphibians in Ohio, co-authored with Rachel Rice and mentored by Dr. Christine Anderson (biology). Kirubel Asfaw, mentored by Dr. Andy Carlson (history), presented Obstacles to Intra-Africa Trade. Madeline Gautreaux, Lilli Dobbins, and Alondra Clavel, mentored by Dr. Andrea M. Karkowski (psychology), presented their research about Student Definitions of College Student Success.

Congratulations to the Reverend Dr. Joy Schroeder (religion and seminary) who published Maria Stewart, Scripture Interpretation, and the Daughters of Africa in Nineteenth-Century Women’s Movements and the Bible, edited by Angela Berlis and Christiana de Groot (Society of Biblical Literature Press). The work is an essay on African American orator and activist Maria Stewart (1803-1879).

Congratulations to Dr. Hoyun Cho (education) who published Development of National Elementary Mathematics Textbook Grade 1-2 based on the Revised 2022 Curriculum with the Korean Ministry of Education. All elementary students in Korea in Grades 1 and 2 will use these new textbooks for the first semester of the academic year 2024-2025. Cho is working on Semester II textbooks and teacher guidebooks.

Dr. Hoyun Cho (education) also published Elementary Mathematics Education Theory (Kyowoo), which is a Korean elementary math education textbook. The textbook is for college and university math education courses and aligns with the 2022 Korean Mathematics Curriculum. Twelve elementary math education professors contributed to this work and Cho is the only professor from the United States contributing to this work. Well done!

Kudos to Dr. Stough-Hunter (sociology and criminology) and her student Alex Carlson who presented Meeting Students Where They Are: Student Perceptions Before and After Principles of Criminology at the North Central Sociological Association Conference. Stough-Hunter and Carlson examined student perceptions of crime and the criminal justice system before and after a criminology class using a pre/post survey and analysis of a reflection paper.

With Dr. Katie Gorman-Ezell (social work), Dr. Stough-Hunter (sociology and criminology) also presented Extending the Application of the Structural Competency Framework at the Eastern Sociological Society Conference. Stough-Hunter and Gorman-Ezell argued that a structural competency framework is relevant to social work and yet has not been adequately embraced. Through this work, they brought together two bodies of literature to highlight a gap in the application of a structural competency framework in healthcare settings.