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December 16, 2021

By Erin Luellen, Emerging Media '21

My Time at Capital University: Erin Luellen, Class of 2021

As the end of senior year quickly approaches, I find myself reflecting on the lessons learned. Between a semester away, a year of virtual classes, and a few major changes, the time has flown by. Time spent as a Capital student has been about learning time management, professional etiquette, independence, and spontaneity. Above all, I can say that college is four years that will pass much faster than you realize. Before you know it, the studying, involvement in student organizations, parties, and dorms will all fade out and you will be in the next chapter of your life. As I approach graduation, I wanted to offer those starting a few pieces of advice:

My freshman year, we were unable to enter our first semester undecided. As a self-declared undecided student, I chose to pursue a Business Management major, but I soon realized that didn’t quite fit. I then switched to Education. After a semester away during my sophomore year, I made my final switch to Emerging Media and Public Relations. While switching your major can be confusing and daunting, I am here to say that each class and connection you make along the way is worth it. It’s not all for nothing if you end up on the path to a career you’re passionate about!

As I reflect, I do realize I have a small number of regrets. These are the things that I would suggest to incoming students: get a campus job as soon as possible, meal prep like it’s your part-time job, and make time for bettering one hobby. My reasoning for a job, on or off campus, is not only the extra money aiding you, but the opportunities that come with it. Campus jobs open you up to new staff members, alumni, and future internships. During my time in college I have discovered many hobbies and passions. I have tested out many creative outlets, but I have not mastered one. While having multiple interest seems nice, having one hobby to turn to for comfort and release is something I wish I had during college.

I can look back with pride at the big choices I’ve made that I feel helped shape my experience. I have greatly enjoyed my time in a sorority, and while it may not be for everyone, I would recommend finding an organization that aligns with you. One of the best parts of joining any organization on campus is taking up a leadership role. These roles may open you up to an experience that enriches you beyond a job or class. I spent much of my collegiate career running the social media for my sorority, which helped strengthen skills and build connections!

During my junior year I accepted an on-campus internship with the Capital University Integrated Marketing and Communications team (IMC). I didn’t know it then, but this role would have a large impact on my experience. Building connections, my portfolio, and interacting with on-campus professionals was an inspiring experience. 

Overall, I’ve enjoyed the flexibility of a smaller school that allowed for opportunities to grow outside of the classroom. Broaden your horizons by studying abroad or complete an internship. Capital allowed me the opportunity to grow and see things from a changed perspective. 

The moral of my story is that college is all about major changes, not just the academic kind, but those the changes that mould your life. Those that uncover passions, inspire direction, and build connections. Indecision and trials are temporary, but your education is lasting. Take a deep breath and pursue something that makes you excited to get out of bed each morning. Challenge your comfort zone, and don’t be afraid to change your path.