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July 05, 2022

National Education Association: Aspiring Educators Share Why They Choose Teaching

Members of the NEA Aspiring Educators (AE) program kicked off their annual conference in Chicago with a hefty dose of joy, excitement, and inspiration. With so much stress and adversity within the teaching profession, future teachers came together to celebrate the resilience of all educators and to serve as a reminder why they first answered the call to teach.

For Anesha Ward, a rising third-year student at Capital University, in Bexley, Ohio, she’s becoming a teacher to help better the world for everyone.

“Bad things continue to happen in [education, society, and our democracy], but children are our future. They will be the people who can change that,” says Ward. “I want to be a part of building that foundation, giving students the tools to be the best versions of themselves and help right the wrongs of the world.”

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