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April 25, 2024

By Rebecca Mohr, Capital University Communications Manager

Shining on Stage: A Look at Capital’s NYC Showcase

With their talent and ambition as their guiding forces, 17 Capital students trekked east for their much-anticipated NYC Showcase. Alongside faculty, conservatory students met with various recognized artists, managers, and casting directors to learn more about being a performance artist in the 21st century.

“I prepared for showcase by working with my voice teacher, Dr. Maryann Kyle, on finding music that suits my voice and character types. We spent the last semester curating my own personal book of music to take with me to NYC. My role in NYC was to sing in several masterclasses with Broadway professionals,” said Baylee Richardson ’25, vocal music education.

“One of my favorite parts of the trip was getting to see the growth in both myself and my classmates while in the masterclasses. For example, several of us were able to sing for two-time Tony Award nominee Kate Baldwin. She gave such valuable feedback and in just a few minutes with her, several of our pieces transformed.”

The NYC Showcase in the Voice Area is a collaboration of all aspects of the showcase – opera, musical theatre, and choral. Kyle, director of Opera/Musical Theatre, worked with the students to prepare them for this opportunity.

“I’ve been able to watch [the students] really evolve and develop as they get new information in class. Week to week, they really take the things they learn and run with them. For example, how their vocal technique integrates with their acting. The next week they’ll come in and it’s like you’re working with a different artist,” said Kyle.

“One of the things that I find really valuable about this particular showcase is that they’re encountering a lot of different types of artists, Tony Award winners that have been on Broadway, people who have been on national tours, Metropolitan Opera stars, etc. I’m excited because they’re getting a lot of different information about the field they’re interested in pursuing as a career.”

“The experience itself was highly engaging and beneficial towards my performance capabilities. One workshop in particular that I absolutely adored was working with Ezekiel Andrew, who is currently on Broadway and participating in the production of ‘Lion King’,” said Henry Seifried ’25, vocal performance with emphasis on opera/musical theatre. “His advice allowed me to play more with my character and have a more relaxed approach when performing. He was able to empower my vision and find a way to let me have fun performing. I haven’t had a sensation like that in a long while.”

The NYC Showcase culminated with a choral performance at Carnegie Hall, led by Lynda Hasseler, D.M.A., professor of Music and director of Choral Activities.

“This was an opportunity for us to do what we do so well at Capital, which is to create exceptional opportunities for our students to experience music-making with some of the top professionals in the world,” said Hasseler. “Capital students are going to go shine their light on a brighter stage and in a broader world, and in a city that is filled with some of the highest level of music-making. In all of those settings, Capital students shine.”

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