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Music Education Majors

In the Conservatory of Music at Capital, our music education students experience a variety of methods courses designed to cultivate teaching expertise in multiple areas. Regardless of your emphasis of study, all students gain the skills needed to teach at any grade level and any school type. We focus on balancing learning and experience between performance and teaching. Our curriculum centers on teaching with complementary conducting, musicianship and methods classes. And under the guidance of our distinguished faculty, you will be professionally and individually trained to both teach and perform to the best of your ability.

Perform. Collaborate. Create. Begin your encore with us.

Confident and prepared to impact the future of music education.

Music Education

Your passion for music runs deep. And you want to share that passion with the rising generation, making an impact and an impression. Capital’s Music Education program is thoughtfully designed to create a personalized curriculum that prepares students to teach any type of music in a variety of school settings. The program offers two areas of emphasis, instrumental and vocal education, with a holistic approach applied to each track, preparing to work in all areas of teaching. Classes and curriculum are current and relevant, reflecting the latest teaching techniques and most up-to-date practices. Our students graduate as teachers who are confident and prepared to succeed in the field of education.

What can you do with a degree in this academic area?

  • Public and Private Education
  • Private Music Instruction
  • Performance
  • Composition

Teaching Experiences – All 4 Years




Student to Faculty Ratio

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Experiential Learning

Extensive field experience is a hallmark of the Music Education program at Capital. Starting in the second year, students are placed in local school classrooms for a hands-on approach to learning. This means that you don’t wait for actual teaching experiences, they come early in your college studies, giving you the chance to apply classroom learning to in-class experience that much sooner.

While Ohio is the most common destination for teachers, Capital graduates are leading and teaching in different places throughout the country.

Program Philosophy

At Capital, we believe in giving our students the best training by offering practical courses that prepare you for teaching in any situation. And while all of our music education majors develop outstanding conducting, musicianship, and methods skills, you can choose to gain an emphasis in either instrumental or vocal music education.

Our student to faculty is 3:1, which means that our faculty can mentor, guide, and offer individualized feedback to every student. It’s what makes a music degree from Capital distinct.

Admission and Audition

Students planning to study Music Education need to complete a two-part process to gain admittance to the program.

  1. Submit your admission application to Capital University along with the required supporting documents.
  2. Once you are academically admitted to Capital University, you will be able to submit an audition application and register for your audition date by clicking on the reply form found on your status page.

For specific audition dates and requirements by instrument or area of interest, please use the Emphasis Requirements tool.

Sample Classes

  • Elementary Methods with Field Experience
  • Middle School Methods with Field Experience
  • High School Field
  • Choral Methods
  • Instrumental Methods
  • Beginning and Advanced Conducting
  • Directing a School Musical
  • Marching and Jazz Methods
“I decided to come to Capital because of my love of campus and the interactions I had already had with my future professors. Central Ohio has so many wonderful band programs and honor ensembles to observe and make connections with.bAnd my relationship with faculty members is great. It’s so nice having a faculty member ask me how I am doing outside of schoolwork; it shows how much they genuinely care.”

-Kaitlin Reed, Music Education. Class of 2022

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