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    • Whether you're just starting college or working to finish your degree, we'll prepare you for social work practice with individuals, families, organizations and communities. 


      Capital's Bachelor of Social Work degree program serves traditional and non-traditional undergraduates. Its curriculum is built around the principle that social work education flows from a common core of values and knowledge through which we practice. We bring into the profession graduates who make responsible decisions and value choices in a rapidly changing society.

      WHAT YOU'll learn

      Accreditation — Capital's social work program has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education since 1974. To practice social work in any state, you must have a state license. Only graduates from accredited programs are eligible to take state social work licensing exams and to apply for a one-year accelerated Master of Social Work program offered at a number of institutions. 

      As a social work major at Capital, you'll be part of a program committed to social change, diversity and exemplary practice in any setting — rural or urban, large or small. You'll also be prepared for technology-enhanced practice and international social welfare.

      In our classrooms, learning is an active process, where students and professors are highly engaged in an exchange of knowledge and experience. Our faculty members use high-impact teaching and learning practices, like undergraduate research, internships, field experiences and capstone projects, proven to have the highest impact on learning.

      We use a liberal arts core curriculum to educate broadly, build your knowledge and expand your world view. We also educate you specifically to refine your skills and talent in your chosen field. And we prepare you to navigate complexity, diversity and change.    

       » Read the Course Descriptions and Requirements   


      Social work is a practice, so before you graduate with your Bachelor of Social Work from Capital, you will apply in the field what you've learned in the classroom. You'll be able to choose from a wide variety of social work agencies in Ohio's capital city of Columbus, along with and other nearby towns and cities. Working alongside an experienced, licensed, professional social worker, you will integrate classroom learning with professional practice.

      Qualified agency staff members will serve as field instructors to ensure the highest quality experience. Placement opportunities provide a professional foundation for practice in a variety of areas including health, mental health, education, children’s services, chemical dependency, public welfare and aging.

      You'll also be encouraged through the Student Social Work Association to participate actively with faculty, administration and local community representatives in policy formation, program and curriculum development and assessment. Opportunities exist for study abroad for those interested in international social work.

      » What is the Field Education Program experience like at Capital? 

      Review our Field Education Program

      Review our BSW requirements 

      Read our Assessment of Student Learning outcomes for the Social Work Program.

      Formal Admission to the Social Work Program

      • Review of coursework requirements
      • Students who have already been accepted to Capital can apply for the Bachelor of Social Work program by contacting Tracy Roberts at or 614-236-6315.
      • After your BSW Application has been received, the student will take part in a formal interview to finalize entrance into the program.

      where you'll go: Careers and Placement   

      Our social work graduates find jobs soon after graduation — sometimes at the agency where their field placement occurred. As a graduate, you'll be prepared for work in various places, including mental health clinics, public welfare agencies, courts, correctional institutions, child and family services, the Peace Corps, schools, hospitals and vocational and rehabilitation centers.

      Here's what some of our graduates are doing now:

      • Mental/behavioral health
      • Child/family services
      • Adolescent services
      • Community outreach
      • Gerontology
      • Case management
      • Addiction treatment
      • Counselor with the deaf
      • Fellowship positions in social work master’s programs
      • International social work

      Many of our graduates go on to earn advanced degrees at universities like The Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio University, University of Chicago, University of Michigan, University of Dayton and more. 

      Social Work Resources

      National Association of Social Workers
      Council on Social Work Education
      Counselor, Social Worker, Marriage & Family Therapy Board of Ohio
      Social Workers: Help Starts Here
      Hands On Central Ohio
      National Association of Social Workers (Ohio Chapter)
      Capital Student Social Work Association on Instagram

      Mission of the Social Work Department

      The mission of the social work program is to prepare students for generalist practice across rural and urban settings. Students become aware of their responsibility for continued professional growth and are committed to the alleviation of poverty, oppression, and discrimination. The program is committed to knowledge building based on the principal of social and economic justice, within a global context to all people throughout the region and nation at large.


      The Social Work Program and Faculty

      The social work program is committed to the professional Code of Ethics. The department of social work educates students to be effective and knowledgeable licensed social workers, prepared for generalist practice in rural and urban settings, aware of their responsibility for continued professional growth and development, committed to the alleviation of poverty, oppression and discrimination, and dedicated to social justice and the enhancement of quality of life for people worldwide.

      Our Social Work Department contact number is 614-236-6315. Call anytime with questions.


    • Debbie Fournier, MSW, LISW-S

      Debbie Fournier, MSW, LISW-S

      Field Education Director
      Social Work
      Renner 135

      Katie Gorman-Ezell, PhD

      Katie Gorman-Ezell, PhD

      Assistant Professor
      Social Work
      Renner Hall 137

      Pamela Ellwanger-Schmidt, Ph.D.

      Pamela Ellwanger-Schmidt, Ph.D.

      Associate professor
      Social Work
      Renner Hall 136

      Renda Ross, Ph.D., LISWS

      Renda Ross, Ph.D., LISWS

      Chair, Program Director, and Associate Professor
      Social Work
      Renner Hall Room 130

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