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Endowed Funds


Ida Jane Aitken Memorial Art Scholarship (2002)
C. John and H. Marian Albrecht Scholarship (2002)
Martha A. Alcock Education Scholarship (2006)
Helen Pugh Alcorn Scholarship (1968)
Edward V. Aler Scholarship (1957)
Harry and Kathryn S. Allensworth Scholarship (1967)
Altman Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship (2007)
Alumni Advisory Board Scholarship (2012)
Joanne Amstutz Memorial Scholarship (1979)
Joyce Folk Ashbaugh Scholarship (2004)
Fred and Pearl Asp Memorial Scholarship (1989)
John and Margaret Atzinger Scholarship
Robert H. Avers Scholarship (2007)


John W. and Elsie S. Bachman Communication Scholarship Fund (2002)
Antoinette Lowry Barr Scholarship (1987)
Martin H. and Verna Conklin Bartels Scholarship (2005)
Loren and Dolores Beck Scholarship (2003)
Nathan Siegel and Marian Dumond Beck Scholarship (1985)
Ernest F. Bergener Scholarship (1926)
Bernlohr Family Endowed Scholarship (2007)
William F. and Ruth Bernlohr Scholarship (1988)
Alvin E. Bey Scholarship in Chemistry (1998)
Mary Alice Riggs Billow Scholarship (2001)
Mr. & Mrs. George C. Bischoff Memorial Scholarship (1969)
Josiah H. II and Joyce A. Blackmore Scholarship (2009)
Doris R. and Marie E. Boldt Scholarship (1996)
Harry Bowser Scholarship
Douglas Mark Boyer Memorial Scholarship (1976)
Daryl K. Brandt Memorial Scholarship (1985)
Thomas H. Brinker Scholarship (1994)
Virginia Stevens Britton Scholarship (1963)
Dr. Harold W. Brockman Scholarship (1993)
Joseph A. Brunetto III Memorial Endowment Fund (2009)
Arnold F. Bunge Jr. Scholarship (1995)
James L. Burke Endowed Scholarship in History (1999)
Daniel A. Busch Endowment for Scientific Equipment (2008)


Leslie B. and Nina Callahan Scholarship (2004)
Kathryn Klindworth Callaway Scholarship (1989)
Carl and Irma Broadsword Campbell Endowed Scholarship (1998)
Capital High Impact Project Grant (CHIP; 2015)
The Chesapeake Scholarship (2003, Rev. 2010)
Class of 1954 Endowed Scholarship Fund (2004)
Class of 1956 Endowed Scholarship Fund (2005)
Class of 1957 Endowed Scholarship Fund (2006)
Class of 1958 Endowed Scholarship Fund (2007)
Class of 1959 Endowed Scholarship (2009)
Class of 1960 Endowed Scholarship (2009)
Class of 1962 Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Endowment (2010)
Class of 1963 Endowed Scholarship (2012)
Class of 1964 Dell Memorial Scholarship (2013)
Coleman-Bond Scholarship (1990)
The Columbus Foundation Minority Scholarship (1985)
Kenneth E. and K. Gary Cook Endowed Scholarship (2013)
Lawrence (Stadterman) Cornelius Scholarship (2005)
Kneel M. Costello Memorial Scholarship (1980)
Homer R. and Isabelle J. Cotterman Scholarship (2000, Rev. 2003)
Peter and Joni Countryman Endowed Scholarship (2007)
Cozy Cole Scholarship Fund (1980)
Jerry D. and Genevieve E. Culberson Scholarship (2006)
Cyril-Scott Scholarship (1964)


Helen K. Daiber Scholarship (1991)
Jim and Carol Davis Conservatory of Music Guest Artist in Residence Series (2014)
Jim and Carolyn Davis Music Scholarship (2011)
Roger F. and Jeannine M. Davis Scholarship (2004)
Jason M. Dean Memorial Scholarship (2002, Rev. 2009)
Professor Addison and Ruth Dewey Scholarship (1984)
Herbert and Sara Dieckmann Scholarship (1994)
The Brett W. and Kerri J. Doughty Scholarship
Kathryn H. Duffey Memorial Scholarship (1988)


Erik John Earl Scholarship (1991)
Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Eccard Scholarship (1992)
Dr. and Mrs. A. Willard Emch Scholarship (2004)


Preston and Evelyn Fettrow Scholarship (2007)
Albert W. and Edith V. Flowers Scholarship (1982)
J. David and Virginia Jansen Foell Scholarship (2006)
Joseph F. Frasch Memorial Scholarship (1991)
Freudeman Schaaf Scholarship (2008)
Freytag Scholarship (1957)
Charlene Friedley Scholarship (2008)
Herman and Dorothy Fudge Scholarship (1993)


Luella P. Gain Scholarship (2000)
John D. Gallatin Scholarship (2006)
Mary Alice Miller Galloway, M.D. Scholarship (1991)
GAR Foundation Scholarship (1984)
Clara Hollman Gerbich Memorial Scholarship (1977)
Elmer and Berniece Germann Memorial Scholarship (2015)
Conrad B. Gohdes Memorial Scholarship (1952)
Griffin Endowed Scholarship (1986)
Charles and Margaret Bundy Grimm Scholarship
Martha U. Grimm Endowed Scholarship (2000)
Roy W. and Barbara Bischoff Grossman Scholarship (2005)
GSA Founders (1994)
Graduate Assistant Scholarship Program (2013)


Hahn Endowed Scholarship (1993)
Thomas M. Hamilton Scholarship (1986)
W. H. Hartke Scholarship
Marcia Von Blon Hartmann Scholarship (2003)
Roberta Hartmann Adult Learners Endowed Scholarship (2002, Rev. 2004)
Mary Heffner Scholarship (1975)
Dr. Walter B. Heischman Scholarship (1993)
Dale J. Helmick Memorial Scholarship (1991)
Dr. and Mrs. Jack G.G. Hendershot Sr. Pre-Med Scholarship (2003)
HER Realtors/Gene Slaughter Scholarship (1986, Rev. 2000)
Ruth V. Hawkins Heldt Music Scholarship (2012)
Harold Hess Scholarship (1984)
Ida and Abner Hetrick Family Scholarship (2012)
Kristine L. Heuerman Memorial Scholarship (1992, Rev. 2000)
James C. Hickey, D.D.S. Scholarship (1991, Rev. 1995)
Higley-Wilson Scholarship (1996)
Clara A. Hobstetter Scholarship (1982)
Theodore O. Hofman Scholarship (1982)
Dr. Martin E. Hollensen Scholarship (1986)
Harry W. and E. Valda Holzapfel Scholarship (2013)
Robert E. and Miriam A. Hopkins Scholarship (2000)
Maye M. Horning Scholarship (1996)
Lester W. and Lillian V. Huber Scholarship (1988)
Ella D. Hugus Scholarship (1996)
Paul W. and Ella D. Hugus Pipe Organ and Keyboard Maintenance Endowment (2004)
Lois C. Hunsicker Scholarship (1993)
Virginia Black Hutchison Scholarship (1983)


Edgar W. Ingram Scholarship (1983)


Mary and Morris Johnson Scholarship


Lillian Weinman Kable Scholarship (1996)
Anthony C. Kacir Memorial Scholarship (1998)
Harriett Paul Kelm Spanish Education Scholarship (1999, Rev. 2009)
Everette E. and Marie C. Kerns Scholarship (1994)
KeyBank Scholarship (2005)
Reynold E. Klages Scholarship (2007)
Dale L. Sr. and Kathleen D. Klamfoth Scholarship (2007)
Walter J. Knapp Scholarship (1995)
Harold and Evelyn Knappe Scholarship (1998)
Anne Eberhardt Knilans Scholarship (2004)
Emil and Clara Knop Scholarship (1991, Rev. 2003)
Austin E. Knowlton Memorial Scholarship (2012)
Vicki Lou Koch Scholarship (1992)
Kohler Capital Study Abroad Endowment Fund (2006)
E. C. Kramer Scholarship (1970)
Fredrick and Mary Krehl Scholarship (1981)


Lois Elaine Lambert Endowed Scholarship (1997)
Landrum-Bernlohr Scholarship (1973)
John and Ruth Landrum Scholarship (2007, Rev. 2013)
Larry S. Lane Piano Student Accompaniment Fund (2006)
Armin P. Langholz Scholarship in Radio/TV/Film (2000)
Donald L. and Ann Leathery Scholarship (2006)
David P. Liebchen Scholarship (2007)
Alden L. and Shirley E. Lindner Endowed Scholarship (2002)
Dorothea M. Lipp Endowed Scholarship (2007)
Harold W. and Margaret Guinsler Linker Memorial Scholarship (1993)
Robert W. and Mary C. Long Scholarship (1986)
Dr. Thomas S. Ludlum Scholarship (1991)
Lutheran Brotherhood Scholarship (1983)
Lutheran Service Scholarship (1991)
Arthur and Martha Lutz Natural Sciences Departments Equipment Purchase Fund (2004)


Alton J. and Marjorie Humes Mabis Scholarship (1992)
Marlene Walck Macko Memorial Nursing Scholarship (2006)
Barney J. and Claire Ett Magerlein Scholarship (1998)
Michael and Margaret Markel Scholarship (1996)
Robert and Margaret Mather Scholarship (1996)
Carl F, Herman R, and John A. Maul Scholarship (1973)
Gerald E. and Elizabeth B. Mayo Scholarship (1993)
Elaine Grahl McClellan Scholarship (1996)
Ida E. McDannel Scholarship (1963)
Gene Mechling Scholarship (1975)
Arthur Mees Memorial Scholarship (1941)
Oscar and May Mees Scholarship (1995)
Shirley Irvine Mees Fund (2011)
Dr. & Mrs. Norman A. Menter Scholarship (1986)
B.J. & Anna D. Mertz Scholarship (1975)
Messiah Lutheran Church, Fairview Park, OH (1992)
Jill M. Meuser and Gary L. McKown Scholarship (2002)
Ambassador Armin H. Meyer Endowed Scholarship (2007)
Rowland David Middendorf Scholarship (1989)
Doris M. Milburn Scholarship (1989)
Richard and Dorene Weagly Miller (2005)
Minority Undergrad Scholarship
William and Sally Riley Chestnut Mitchell Scholarship (1998)
John G. and Joan Ott Mittermaier Music Scholarship (2009)
Mohrhoff-Moyer Disability Services Endowment Fund (1980, Rev. 1992 and 2006)
Monty Speech Scholarship (1996)
Charles A. and Ethel C. Moyer Scholarship (2011)
Mullen-Hunziker Scholarship (1993)
Howard Karper Myers Memorial Scholarship (2004)


Pastor Carl O. and Edith W. Nelson Fund (2006)
Nanciann Kaufman Ninde Scholarship (1989)
1958 Nursing Scholarship (2015)
School of Nursing Endowed Lab Fee Fund (2004)
Nurturing the Nursing Profession Scholarship (2011)


Charles H. and Rhoda J. Oestreich Scholarship (1994)
Henry F. and Martha E. Oestreich Scholarship (1992)


Walter J. And Mildred L. Paff Scholarship (1993)
Luetta S. Papenfus Award (2008)
Josephine R. Peale Scholarship (1988)
Nicholas J. Perrini Scholarship (2011)
Merle R. Pflueger Scholarship (2008)
Harold H. & Joan C. Plassman Scholarship (2006)


Gary W. and Karen L. Qualmann Scholarship (2007)


Maria Rahder Scholarship
Rausch Family Scholarship (2007)
Rehl Family Scholarship (1989)
Harold S. Reier Scholarship (1998)
A. Charles and Mable Irene Root Rempe Scholarship (1982)
A. Charles and Mildred L. Rempe Scholarship (1985)
Dr. Kathleen S. Richardson Scholarship for Natural Sciences (2014)
Kathryn Sanders Rieder Scholarship (1984)
Dorothy Armbruster Rigotti and Victor H. Rigotti Scholarship in Education (2001)
Raymond R. and Totsy Beasley Ritter Scholarship (1983)
Mary A. Roess Endowed Scholarship (2002)
William Louis and Sarah Kohler Roess Scholarship (1985)
Michael J. Rolf Scholarship (1989)
Glenn R. and Kathryn E. Ruh Scholarship (1996)
Anna and William F. Rust Scholarship (1972)


St. John’s Lutheran Church, Fremont, Ohio (1990)
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Ashville, Ohio (1998)
Pastor F. LeRoy and Martha Sarver Family Scholarship (1999)
Jennifer K. Saylor Scholarship (2000)
Dr. and Mrs. Walter L. Schafer Scholarship (1996)
Schalinske Scholarship (1991)
Otto Schenk Scholarship (2015)
Rev. Robert W. and Frieda C. Schlachter Scholarship (1998)
Beans Schmidt Scholarship
Carl and Catharine Schmidt Memorial Scholarship (1989)
Gerald D. and Bonnie M. Schmidt Scholarship (1990)
Peggy A. and George A. Schmidt Scholarship (2005; Rev. 2007)
Paul Schneider Scholarship
Wilfred and Kathryn Schnier Scholarship (2008)
William and Dorothy Keller Schnier Scholarship (1988)
Dr. Henry F. and Amelia C. Schuh Scholarship (1969; Rev. 2008)
Ruth V. Schulz Scholarship (2000)
George and Hilda Schuster Memorial Scholarship (1972)
Richard D. and Sallyann V. Schwab Scholarship (2003)
A. May and Flora R. Schwartz Scholarship
SCOA Industries Scholarship (1985)
Robert Garfield Scott Scholarship (1977)
Ralph and Catherine Setterlin Scholarship (1979)
Dr. Carl F. and Ruth O. Sievert Scholarship (1987)
G.D. Simen Scholarship
Elmer and Helen Simerl Scholarship (1996)
Simon A. and Grace Singer Scholarship (1985)
George A. Smallsreed Sr. Scholarship (1989)
Alvin and Margaret Andrus Smith Scholarship (1985)
Esther Bubolz Smith Scholarship (2000)
Ellis Snyder Scholarship
Beverly Delong Spees Education Scholarship (1998)
Harvey and Marian Stegemoeller Scholarship Award for Excellence (1993)
Norman C. and Helen L. Steinert Memorial Scholarship (1993)
Mabel Marie Stockert Memorial Scholarship (1993)
Magdalena Stotz Scholarship (1976)
Dr. and Mrs. Emanuel Raymond Stricker Scholarship (1989)
Sherla and Betty Loffer Stutz Scholarship (1986)


Gene and Mary Taylor Scholarship (2007)
Mrs. Albert H. Thomas Scholarship (1984)
Karl and Laura Trautman Scholarship
Martin Tressel Memorial Scholarship
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Circleville, Ohio (1997)
Mr. and Mrs. G.M. Troutman Scholarship
J. Henry and Mary Troutman Scholarship (1979)


Aya Ueki International Student Endowment Fund (2007)
Milton F. and Nina Ulmer Memorial Scholarship (1964)


Carl F. and Caroline Vogel Scholarship (1985)
Edward T. and Ruth Vogt Scholarship (1991)
Gregory von Stein and Sandra L. Mathias Scholarship Fund for Graduate Kodály students (1989, Rev. 2004) 


Donald C. and Carolyn Herath Wachtman Scholarship (1985)
John C. and Shirley J. Wagner Scholarship Fund (2003)
Marie Walck Memorial Music Scholarship (2009)
Ovid G. Walker Scholarship (1994)
Theodore A. Walker Scholarship (1994)
Ernest J. Warnke & William D. Zimmerman Scholarship (1984)
Maurice and Frances Warnock Scholarship (1991)
Carlos E. Watkins Business Scholarship (2012)
Carlos E. and Celestine A. Watkins Nursing Scholarship (1998)
Glenna L. Watson Scholarship (1994)
Charles B. Weaver Scholarship (1986)
Pauline Wyatt Weed Scholarship (1983)
Moneta Weihl Scholarship (1969)
Connie Germann Weinman and Pastor George C. Weinman Endowed Scholarship Fund (2007)
Theodore and Lydia Weinman Memorial Scholarship (2015)
Harold S. and Pauline F. Welsh Endowed Scholarship (1999)
Betty J. Wenzel Scholarship (1984, Rev. 1989)
Harold S. Wheaton Scholarship (1985)
Carolyn A. Hill Wieneke Music Scholarship (2009)
Rebecca S. Wolfe Scholarship (2005)


Yackel Scholarship (1969)
Leo Yassenoff Memorial Scholarship (1976)
Harold and Agatha Yochum Scholarship (1973)
John G. Youse Scholarship


Sarah Marie Zerkel Scholarship (2000, Rev. 2007)
Dennis and Kathryn Zimmerman Diehl Study Abroad Scholarship (2000)
Richard Zollinger Scholarship
William and Florence Fraas Zoltner Scholarship (2004)