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Support Academics

Students in a biology class

A strong and well-rounded liberal education is the output of our academic approach here at Capital. The ongoing generosity of our donors ensures a lasting endowment for which our academic future is secured. Gifts can be put toward a specific school or department under the College.

  • School of Natural Sciences, Nursing and Health
  • School of Management and Leadership
  • School of Social Sciences and Education
  • Conservatory of Music and School of Communication
  • School of Humanities
  • Capital University Law School

In addition to department and faculty designated gifts, popular areas of support include:

  • Center for Excellence in Leadership and Teaching: our academics are only as good as our faculty so we must ensure that they too have a place to continue their professional development
  • The Blackmore Library: not just books and card catalogues anymore, our library is the dynamic academic database serving our students, faculty and community
  • Annual Symposium on Undergraduate Scholarship: a student-centered celebration of the intellectual and research achievements of Cap undergrads held on campus every spring with an accompanying publication dispersed throughout the community.
  • The Center for Faith and Learning: Capital continues to adhere to its mission of transforming lives through Lutheran higher education and this Center provides a place for our students to further integrate their faith with their studies
  • The Schumacher Gallery: providing both an impressive permanent collection and rotating exhibits, the Schumacher Gallery has long been one of Columbus’s most consistent art galleries, but is looking to expand whilst offering free admission to the entire community
  • Office of Student Affairs: Learning expands beyond the classroom and the Office of Student Affairs sees to it that this important component of education is being met through extracurricular participation, organizations, Greek life, volunteering and mentoring
  • The Council for Ethical Leadership: by encouraging ethical dialogue, promoting best ethical practices and developing new ethical leaders, we promote leadership and accountability through advocacy of an applied ethics education
  • International Education & Study Abroad: assist our students and faculty in expanding their education and perspectives past our own borders
  • Community Engagement and Service Learning: enriching to both the student and the community, service learning is an essential part of any well-rounded education
  • Campus Improvements: a lot goes into providing state-of-the-art learning facilities, which have become more of a necessity rather than a luxury in today’s high-tech and competitive world


For additional information on how you can support academics at Capital, please contact the Development Office at:
Phone: 614-236-6129
Toll-Fee: 866-704-0742