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Giving Stocks & Securities

Many gifts to Capital are in the form of cash, but increasingly our donors are finding that it is possible to make greater contributions by using appreciated securities. Gifts of appreciated securities benefit the donor in several ways; the gift is credited for the full market value of the securities, but no capital gains tax are due on the increased value of the securities. You should consult your tax advisor for more specific information.

The value of a donor’s gift of securities is established using the mean of the high and low stock quotations the day the gift is constructively received by Capital.

How to Gift Stocks & Securities

To make a gift of securities held in electronic (DTC) form, the donor should instruct their broker to transfer the securities from the donor’s account to Capital University’s brokerage account. You should also notify the University of your gift, so we are able to monitor the transfer and make certain your gift is completed in a timely manner and designated according to your wishes.

Capital maintains the following brokerage account:

Wells Fargo Advisors DTC #: 0141
Capital University’s Account #: 1969-3035


Should you or your broker have any questions, or for more information on making gifts of stock held in other forms of registration, closely held stock, mutual funds, life insurance or other property, please contact us:
Phone: 614-236-6496
Toll-Free: 866-704-0742