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    • Why Capital scores with composition students

      Extensive training, access to first-class technology, and dozens of ensembles that will perform your music and test your skills and talent — those are just a few of the reasons Capital is a destination school for composition.

      But that's only the beginning. A well-known-and-respected resident faculty and world-class guest composers add to the lure. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that many members of our faculty are nationally and internationally known composers and arrangers. Google Dina Lentsner, Mark Lochstampfor, Rocky J. Reuter, Russ Nagy, Kit "Red" Nienkirchen, Stan Smith or Tony Zilincik. See what we mean? 

      Add to that the ability to study both traditional and jazz/contemporary techniques within the context of one program, and you have the perfect orchestration for student success. 

      Balanced and Diverse

      At Capital, we seek out diversity in all we do. Music is no exception. In our composition program, we value all styles of music, from classical and contemporary to popular, jazz, rock and electronic. You'll be encouraged to become fluent in them all to strengthen your own creativity. Extensive training begins on day one of your first year and includes everything from theory and history to orchestration, arranging, audio production and more. And, you will have complete access to the Conservatory's state-of-the-art recording and MIDI-based electronic music studios.

      Best of all, your work will be performed. For a composer, hearing a musician perform your music for the first time — when until then you’ve only heard it in your mind — it’s like completing a thought or punctuating a sentence. With weekly student recitals, composition master classes, student performance recitals, and ensemble rehearsals and concerts, there are almost limitless opportunities to hear your music performed.

      The NOW MUSIC Festival, an annual celebration of contemporary music at Capital University, exposes students to a wide range of living composers and performers and their music. This weeklong event is one of the Midwest's most comprehensive and diverse celebrations of music, composed within the last 10 years. Best of all, it's one more way to jumpstart your career in the world of music composition.

      Conservatory Admission and Audition Requirements

      Admission into this program will require you to complete a two-part process to gain admittance to both Capital University and the Conservatory of Music. Please review the requirements carefully before applying.


Music Composition