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Tracey Murray

Tracey Murray



  • Chemistry

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Dr. Tracey Arnold Murray is a biochemist — an interdisciplinary field at the intersection of biology and chemistry. She has two primary research interests: the behavior of proteins that have a riboflavin-based cofactor and the teaching of biochemistry and chemistry.

At Capital, Dr. Murray has used the Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning method (POGIL) to teach her biochemistry classes. This philosophy uses group work and guided inquiry activities to teach course material. In addition to biochemistry content, students practice their management, critical thinking, problem solving and process analysis skills by working collaboratively to solve difficult problems. The result is optimized student learning and success.

Dr. Murray’s goal for all her students is to learn how to teach themselves. It is not possible to teach a student everything they will need to know to succeed from ages 22 to 65. In fact, we can’t even imagine the changes to technology and society that will occur. That's why a college education should give a student the tools he or she needs to effectively learn and adapt to those changes — to learn how to learn.

Chemical Principles IA and IIA
G.O.B. Chemistry and Lab
Biochemistry I, II, and Lab
Science and Technology in Society (UC 241)
Ph.D. in Biochemistry, The Ohio State University
Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, Wittenberg University
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