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  • Summer Institute of Science and Mathematics

  • Experience Science and Math this Summer

     Are you interested in an engaging learning experience this summer? Capital University is fully committed to student learning and success and we plan to offer a full range of science and mathematics courses. Summer Institute courses and laboratories will be taught in person or (live online) at scheduled times. Specific information for summer classes is available on myCAP Course Offerings.

    We know that your summer plans may feel up-in-air. We still recommend that you apply now to hold your spot. If your plans change, don’t worry. You can cancel for a full refund any time before the start of classes.

    Summer session offers an opportunity to fit some additional courses into your year – whether you are trying to graduate ahead of schedule, catch-up to an existing plan, or make room in your schedule for additional courses. Also, for Capital students, summer courses count toward your GPA, so this is also a great opportunity to retake a course if you would like to improve your GPA. The Summer Institute for Science and Mathematics will allow you to cover a full year of coursework in eight weeks while exploring stimulating and challenging topics with professors, tutors and students from across the country.

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    2022 Program Dates

    Session I - Monday, May 23 - June 17, 2022
    Session II - Tuesday, June 21 - July 18, 2022

    Summer Institute classes meet usually five times a week in small groups and dive into subjects like:

    • Organic chemistry
    • General chemistry
    • Physics
    • Calculus
    • General biology
    • Microbiology/Immunology

    Ready to apply? Complete the online Summer Science Institute Application.

    Program Benefits
    The Summer Institute in Science and Mathematics can help you:

    • Focus on one subject at a time and master it completely
    • Connect with students of different backgrounds from other schools
    • Prepare for the fast pace of medical school and other professional programs  

    Who Attends This Program?

    The Summer Institute attracts students from local and out-of-state colleges and universities, including:

    • Vanderbilt University
    • Duke University
    • The Ohio State University
    • Capital University
    • Ohio Northern University
    • Denison University
    • Furman University

    Admission Guidelines

    You will be a non-degree student at Capital University while taking courses in the Summer Institute in Science and Mathematics. Transcripts may be requested from the Registrar's Office upon completion of the course.

    Be sure to check with your home institution regarding minimum course grades and other transfer requirements.
    As a new student to Capital University, there is a $25 non-refundable application fee that must be sent with the application.

    Important dates, contacts and Summer Institute policies can be found in the Summer Institute Student Handbook (PDF).

    2022 Tuition Rates
    1 semester hour of credit: $527
    3 semester hours of credit: $1581
    4 semester hours of credit: $2108
    4 semester hours is equivalent to 6 quarter hours.

    All courses are dependent on enrollment and are subject to change. If you have questions, please contact us at 614-236-6520 or


    Be sure you’ve taken any prerequisite courses.
    Please see the Online Course Bulletin for course descriptions and prerequisites for each course.
    Course information can also be found on myCap.

    Ready to apply? Complete the online Summer Science Institute Application


  • In this section..

    • Session I Course Schedule
      Session I Courses
      (May 23 - June 17, 2022)
      Schedule Credit Hours*
      BIOL 100 General Biology (Offered over eight weeks: May 23 - July 18) TTH 9 am-11:30 am
      Lab TTh 12:00 pm-2:00 pm
      4 semester hours
      BIOL 280 General Microbiology/Immunology MTWTh  9 am-11:30 am
      Lab MTWTh 12:00 pm-3:30 pm
      4 semester hours
      CHEM 171/173 Chemical Principles I MTWThF  Noon-3 pm
      Lab MTWTh  8:30-11:30 am
      4 semester hours
      CHEM 231 Organic Chemistry I

      MTWThF  9 am-noon

      3 semester hours
      CHEM 233 Organic Chemistry I Lab TWTh 1:30-5:30 pm 1 semester hour
      MATH 230 Calculus I MTWThF  9 am - 12:30pm 4 semester hours
      PHYS 220 General Physics I MTWThF  9 am - noon
      Lab MTWTh  1-4 pm
      4 semester hours

      Session II Course Schedule
      Session II Courses
      (June 21 - July 18, 2022)
      Schedule Credit Hours*
      CHEM 172/174 Chemical Principles II (General Chemistry II) MTWThF  noon-3 pm
      Lab MTWTh  8:30-11:30 am
      4 semester hours
      CHEM 232 Organic Chemistry II MTWThF  9 am-noon 3 semester hours
      CHEM 234 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory TWTh  1:30-5:30 pm   1 semester hour
      PHYS 221 General Physics II MTWThF 9am - noon
      Lab MTWTh 1-4 pm 
       4 semester hours

      *Four semester hours is equivalent to six quarter hours.

      Ready to apply? Complete the online Summer Science Institute Application.


      Q: How is it possible to complete an entire year of science courses during the summer?

      The Summer Institute offers courses equivalent to Capital's 15-week semester over 4 weeks during the summer. These courses are offered in an accelerated format. Lecture sections meet 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. This format allows students to focus on one subject for 4 weeks. We do not recommend students take other Summer Institute classes or work while taking courses. Those students who have been most successful are those who are focused solely on the course they are taking.

      Q: How large are the classes in the Summer Institute?

      We prefer to keep class size below 30 students for lecture sections and below 20 students for laboratory sections.

      Q: Is there a prerequisite for the course in which I am interested?

      Please refer to the online course bulletin for a list of courses and prerequisites.

      Q: Who is the Instructor for my section?

      MyCap contains specific course information for this summer.

      Q: Does Capital University sponsor any grants or financial aid for students enrolled in the Summer Institute?

      Financial Aid arrangements must be made through your HOME INSTITUTION or other organizations. We request that these arrangements be initiated before May 1 to ensure payment before classes begin. You must get a consortium agreement from your home institution, get the necessary signatures and then send or bring it to Capital's Financial Aid Office. They will fill out their part and send it back to your home institution. You must get a financial statement from your home institution and turn it into Capital's finance office before classes start.

      Q: How do I sign up for a Summer Institute course?

      Complete an online Summer Science Institute Application and pay the $25 application fee if you are a first-time student. Current Capital students can register directly in myCap.

      Q: When should I sign up for a Summer Institute Course?

      We suggest you sign up as soon as you know you will be able to attend. Class sizes are limited to ensure quality instruction and will be closed when the capacity has been met. Likewise, course offerings are dependent on enrollment, signing up early ensures that a course is offered.

      Q: How do I know if the courses at Capital will transfer to my home institution?

      Contact your Academic Advisor and/or Registrar at your home institution to get approval for transfer of credit.

      Q: Can I take Organic lecture or lab separately?

      Yes, however, you cannot take the the lab prior to taking the lecture. If you have already taken the lecture at your home institution, you may sign up for the lab only. Check with your home institution to see if the lab is required. We suggest taking only the lecture if the laboratory portion is not required concurrently at your home institution.

      Q: Will you send syllabi and descriptions of the courses in which I am interested?

      Contact the Summer Institute at (614) 236-6520 or email to request syllabi as needed.

      Q: How do I get a transcript sent to my home institution?

      The Registrar's office at Capital can arrange for a transcript to be sent to your home institution. Stop by, check the Registrar's web page, or call the Registrar's office at (614) 236-6150.

      Q: What if I need housing for the summer?

      If you are enrolled in Summer undergraduate classes at Capital University, summer housing may be requested through the Summer Housing Request Form.