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    Sociology and Criminology

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    • Capital's Sociology and Criminology Department offers majors and minors in both fields of study.    

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      Sociology is the social science field that is concerned with the study of the human condition: social existence, social behavior, social issues and problems, and how societies function and change. Criminology is the social science field that is concerned with the study and analysis of crime: the definition of crime, the causes of crime and criminal behavior. Anchored in the field of sociology, students complete course work in both criminology and sociology. 

      Grounded in the scientific study of society and crime, students explore:    

      • the social, cultural, gender, ethnic and racial aspects of diversity;
      • dimensions of analytical and critical thinking;
      • ethical approaches to knowledge formation, research, and professional pursuits;
      • theoretical, methodological, and statistical literacy; and
      • the expression of knowledge through oral and written communication.  

      The curriculum in sociology and criminology provides students with essential foundations to engage in a range of careers and graduate study. The program allows students to pursue additional majors and minors in related fields such as: psychology, cultural studies, environmental studies, international studies, political science, and computational science. Sociology and criminology students, who seek to advance beyond the baccalaureate degree, continue on to graduate study in sociology, criminology, law, education, civil service,and the private sector.  


      Students are encouraged to see, study and understand their social world and to discover how the theories they learned about in their major(s) can be useful tools in exploring social life, their life, and different societies and cultures. Under direction of the sociology and criminology faculty, students have the opportunity to engage in internships and community service projects in the Columbus metropolitan area for the duration of one or two semesters. Students can further enrich their educational journey, in coordination with faculty and the International Education Office, through study at the Washington Center in Washington, D.C., or study abroad.



      Our professors bring out the best in you. We won't lie. They can be tough. But they're also your counselors, your mentors, and your biggest advocates. Meet a few below, or view our department directory.

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