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Capital Cadet Band

Capital Cadet Band Auditions for 2024-2025

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The Capital Cadet Band is an honor band that performs challenging literature for young musicians. It is an ensemble comprised of advanced young musicians from schools across Central Ohio.

It provides:

  • Challenging new music
  • Full band experience with quality instruction
  • Meet other outstanding young musicians from schools around Central Ohio
  • Concerts in beautiful Mees Hall at Capital University.

Under the direction of Susan O'Rourke, the mission of the Capital Cadet Band is to encourage the technical and musical development of young woodwind, brass, and percussion players in Central Ohio. Membership is open to students in grades 7-9 who participate in their school band program. The ensemble is designed to enrich and enhance students’ musical abilities.

Audition Requirements:

Your young musician should be prepared to play a short piece of music that best demonstrates their current ability. It can be music from their band book, a section of sheet music performed by their school band, a short etude, or (part of) a solo from their private teacher. They also need to play one scale chosen from the following: Concert Bb, Eb, Ab or F (does not need to be memorized). 

  • Range is an important consideration when choosing a scale or music excerpt.  Choose music to play that demonstrates your best playing but also showcases how high you are comfortable playing.

Clarinetists should choose a piece of music that demonstrates their ability to play “over the break” (over the break notes are third line, B natural and higher) if possible.

Percussionists should play a short piece of music from their band book or sheet music on drum pad and another piece on bells.  They should also play a scale (see list above) and a rudiment of their choice.

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Cadet Band Registration Fee

There is an annual fee to participate in CCB. No student will ever be denied the opportunity to participate in the CCB because of financial need. Tuition assistance is available through Capital if the registration fee is cost prohibitive for families.