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Survey Tools

Before You Start

Before you start your survey, be sure that you have the necessary approval to collect data.

In general, research that involves data gathered solely for internal, on-going campus use (e.g., course evaluation or institutional research), or is part of an internal-only classroom proposal that will not be presented outside the classroom does not need to be reviewed by Capital University’s IRB (Institutional Review Board). If, however, the results of this research are disseminated publicly in any way, then the research is subject to review by the IRB. If no dissemination is planned at the time the data are gathered, but the possibility of future dissemination exists, the researcher is advised to submit the proposal for IRB review and approval before initiating the research.

If you are uncertain about whether your project needs IRB approval, a quick conversation with the IRB chair, Dr. Andrea M. Karkowski, can answer that – check with the IRB BEFORE you begin your project. Contact the IRB chair at


Qualtrics is used to create and administer surveys. All current students, faculty, and staff can use Qualtrics for their University-related surveys. Use of Qualtrics is restricted to university‐related work. You cannot use Qualtrics for work conducted with third‐party, for‐profit and not‐for‐profit organizations if that work is not part of your work as a Capital University student and/or employee. You cannot use Qualtrics for personal use not related to Capital University.

Activate a Qualtrics Account

  1. Go to or
  2. If you’ve never used Qualtrics with this organization before, just log in as normal with your organization credentials – use your username (i.e., only the letters and numbers before the @ in your email address).
  3. On the next page, you will be asked if you’ve ever used Qualtrics before. Even if you have a preexisting account with another organization, say this is your first time using Qualtrics. A new account will be automatically generated for you.
  4. Complete the user agreement.
  5. Once you have completed the user agreement, your account will be activated, typically within 48-72 hours.
  6. Log into your account using one of the links in STEP 1 after 72 hours to see if you account has been activated.

If you have questions, email