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Professional Development & Resources

Capital University’s CELT provides professional development for faculty and staff by offering workshops and seminars that

  • provide information about tools, techniques, strategies to promote student learning,
  • illuminate how faculty and staff can connect students with services to foster their development and success,
  • promote Diversity and Inclusive Excellence,
  • foster personal and professional skills of faculty and staff,
  • celebrate scholarly work and research, particularly of students, faculty, and staff,
  • build community and help employees connect with each other, and
  • examine key institutional practices or data.

Spring 2024 Professional Development Activities

Online Resources

Capital University’s CELT also has online resources for faculty and staff:

New Faculty Mentoring

Capital University’s CELT intentionally pairs new fulltime faculty with more experienced faculty in a different department to provide mentoring and support for the new faculty member. The new faculty and their mentors meet at least once each month during the academic year to discuss:

  • Goals and priorities for the year and managing workload,
  • Resources that they can connect their student with to help ensure that their students are successful,
  • Academic advising,
  • A peer review committee and the faculty evaluation process (for tenure track faculty)
  • Opportunities for their students (e.g., Summer Scholars, Symposium on Undergraduate Research, Graduate Research Forum, Boyd Fund),
  • Internal grant opportunities to support their teach, research, or community engagement,
  • Faculty governance and service to the university,
  • Summer work plans, etc.

Preparing Future Faculty

Capital University’s CELT contributes to the Ohio State University’s Preparing Future Faculty program by recruiting faculty to mentor graduate students who are interested in a career at a college or university like Capital University.