Financial Aid Summary | Capital University, Columbus Ohio


Financial Aid Summary

  • Capital Awards Requiring the FAFSA

    Capital Connect Grant – Need-based gift aid from Capital; see here full details. 
    Capital Grant-in-Aid – Need-based gift aid from Capital for transfer students; see here for full details. 

    Need-Based Gift Money Requiring the FAFSA

    Federal Pell Grant – Federal grant based on federal EFC available to needy students working toward their first bachelor’s degree; see here for full details. 
    Ohio College Opportunity Grant – Ohio grant program for students with high need; see here for full details. 

    Education Loans Borrowed by the Student

    Federal Direct Loans – low interest loans borrowed directly from the US Department of Education; see here for full details. 
    Federal Nursing Loan – Nursing students with federal need may qualify for this low interest loan; see here for full details. 
    Alternative Loans – Funds can be borrowed by students from private lending institutions in order to assist in paying the costs of college; see here for full details. 

    Education Loan Borrowed by the Parent

    Federal PLUS Loan – federal funds that can be borrowed by the parent or step-parent of a dependent student; see here for full details. 

    Other Funds Available to Help Cover the Costs of College

    Student Employment – students may be eligible to earn regular paychecks for working in a department on campus. These funds can then be used to cover the tuition or any other costs associated with going to college. See here for full details. 
    Veterans Benefits – if you or a parent is eligible for VA Education Benefits, see here for more information. 
    Other sources of Aidsee here for several other options for funding to help pay for college.