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Getting Connected

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    Important Update

    As of July 12, 2021, all faculty and staff Windows PC users must use two-factor authentication (2FA) to access university resources via a VPN connection.

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    Faculty, staff and students can connect to the university network via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet by registering their devices through SafeConnect. SafeConnect is a security compliance and network monitoring tool that helps to protect our #CapFam computer network from viruses, spyware and other security vulnerabilities. Installation of the SafeConnect Policy Key client is mandatory for all Windows and Mac systems prior to network access. 

    Please note: Modems, routers, switches and hubs are not allowed on the university network and could be damaged if plugged into a university network port. The university will not be responsible for repair or replacement costs of such equipment.

    System Requirements for Network Access

    Before connecting to the university network, you should ensure that your system meets the following security requirements:

    • All Windows 10 and above systems should have current windows updates and security patches.
    • All Windows 10 and above systems should have an active antivirus application installed. Some popular antivirus solutions are: Avast, AVG, MS Security Essentials or McAfee. "Link scanner" programs (e.g., Webroot Security Scanner, Kaspersky Security Scan, BitDefender Mechanic) do not qualify as active antivirus protection, and will not meet our requirements for network accessibility. Contact IT before making a purchase if you have questions.
    • Perform a virus scan to remove any viruses or malware that may hinder the SafeConnect network registration process. 

    Please note: When prompted during the installation process, please click the “accept and install the SafeConnect Policy Key terms and conditions for internet use” link. The policy key file will begin downloading and you will need to install it on your computer.  

    Once you're ready to connect, you can configure your computer for network access using our instructions for Windows (PDF) or Mac (PDF). You can also view our device-specific video guides below.

    Mobile Devices

    You can register and connect your iPhone or iPad using our instructions for Mac (PDF). If you have questions or encounter problems, please contact the IT Help Desk for further assistance at 614-236-6508 or

    Connecting Your Gaming and Other Devices

    To use gaming consoles or other devices (e.g., Roku) on Wi-Fi, please visit from a device you have already connected to Capital's network. You may need to find instructions from the manufacturer to locate the MAC address for your specific device, as you will need that information to complete the enrollment. Once you finish the enrollment process, join the Capital-Registered Wi-Fi network from your device. You may be asked for a password to connect to the Capital-Registered network. If so, please contact the IT Help Desk at 614-236-6508 for assistance.

    Video Guides

    If you'd prefer to see the process in action, please choose from the following guides to see a visual walk-through.