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Printing on Campus

Use your student ID card to retrieve and print your documents from any student printer on campus:

  • Send your print job to the global, student print queue, (Global-BW-Hold) (See the instructions below on setting up your personal computer for student printing)
  • At each student printer there is a touch-screen that will display your print jobs waiting in your personal print queue. (If the screen is dark, push the home button to “wake-up” the printer.)
  • To the left of the touch screen there is a proximity reader, (a small rectangle outline area on the printer) - place your student ID card near the reader and the printer will log you in. (If you don’t have your ID, no problem, simply touch the “Print Jobs” button on the touch screen, then login to the student printer.)
  • Next, you will be prompted with a list of print jobs you have waiting in your personal print queue, simply select the print jobs you would like to print.
  • After printing your documents, be sure to press the “Log-Off” button on the touch screen.

Student Printing

To print to campus printers from your personal Windows or Mac computer, please use the following guides:



Think Before You Print

You can help Capital preserve the environment and save energy with these printing tips.

  • Learn to review and edit documents online, so you only have to print a final copy.
  • Use email, CDs, or flash drives to distribute documents when possible.
  • Print on both sides of the paper.
  • Reuse before you recycle. Use the back of waste paper as scratch paper.
  • Recycle waste paper when you’re finished.