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    Summer Courses

  • Get ahead this summer with classes at Capital.

    You can make the most of your summer with many of our course offerings delivered remotely.

    Register now for summer courses to hold your spot. If your plans change, don’t worry. You can cancel for a full refund any time before the start of classes.

    Most of our summer 2021 undergraduate classes are delivered through remote learning. Also, many of our summer graduate courses in business, education, law, music, nursing and theology can be completed remotely. 

    Summer sessions offers opportunities to fit some additional courses into your year – whether you are trying to graduate ahead of schedule, catch-up to an existing plan, or make room in your schedule for additional courses. Also, as a Capital student summer courses count toward your GPA, so this is also a great opportunity to retake a course if you would like to improve your GPA.

    Lower Tuition. Summer is a great time to study at Capital. You receive individual attention and you can complete a semester course in a short seven weeks. And undergraduate tuition is reduced in the summer to $514 per credit hour which is normally $1,298 per credit hour during the academic year.

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    For current Capital students and our guest students: 

    Capital University has a wide variety of summer courses designed to increase academic opportunities for undergraduate students – whether you’re from Capital or another university. Our summer session is rigorous, but it’s a great way to advance your academic coursework and earn credits that will transfer to your home college or university. As a Capital student, you'll get the added advantages of taking a Capital course with expert instruction, credit and grades that count, and no course transfer paperwork.

    Classes in the arts, sciences, humanities and professions, including business, education, and social sciences, as well as classes that fulfill Capital’s Signature Learning requirements, will be taught by professors who are highly engaged and who use teaching and learning practices proven to have the highest impact on learning.

    View the full schedule of summer courses.

    Capital students can enroll NOW through myCap.

    Summer at Capital University – we really do have something for everyone!

    Summer Institute in Science & Mathematicssism inset

    Does the idea of studying organic chemistry and differential equations make your heart skip a beat? Can you think of nothing better than hanging out with other science and math geeks talking shop? 

    Our Summer Institute in Science and Mathematics is for you. Join students from across the country in an accelerated program that covers a full year of coursework in just eight weeks. Capital University is fully committed to our students’ learning and success. For the health and safety of our students, faculty, teaching assistants and staff, all summer classes, including Summer Institute courses and laboratories, will be delivered in accordance with local, state, and national guidelines.

    Rigorous yet supportive, the Summer Institute is an exhilarating learning experience. No matter what college or university you attend during the year, this program is a smart, stimulating and efficient way to earn transferable math and science credits. 


    Summer Music ProgramsSummer Music inset

    Capital's Conservatory of Music offers a wide range of Summer Music Programs for middle school and high school educators.


    Summer Intensive Course Offerings at Capital Law School

    Capital Law School

    Summer Immersion Paralegal Certificate Program
    Are you still deciding on what your next steps are after college graduation? Or are you looking to make a major change in careers? As an upcoming college grad or someone established in a career but wanting to make a move, the Summer Immersion Paralegal program at the Law School is the ideal option for you. This post-baccalaureate program can springboard you into the legal profession or enhance your skill set for other careers. You will earn a Paralegal certificate in 14 weeks during the intensive summer format. (And, if you are a Capital grad, you may be entitled to receive a scholarship!) The application deadline is April 9, 2021. Classes start Monday, May 3, 2021. You can apply at or email Lisa M. Diem, Assistant Dean of Graduate & Professional Law Programs, at to talk more about the program.


  • Summer Calendar
  • BEXLEY CAMPUS: summer session   |   SEMINARY: A-TERM  |  B-Term 


    Summer Session Academic Calendar

    Summer Session  2021
    Undergraduate Full Term Begins May 10
    MBA/MSN Session I Begins May 10
    Undergraduate Summer Session I Begins* May 17
    Summer Science Institute Session I Begins      May 24
    Memorial Day - No Classes May 31
    Summer Science Institute Session I Ends June 18
    MMME Session I Begins June 21
    Summer Science Institute Session II Begins June 22
    MBA/MSN Session I Ends June 25
    MBA/MSN Session II Begins June 28
    Undergraduate Summer Session I Ends* July 2 
    Independence Day Break - No Class July 5
    Undergraduate Summer Session II Begins* July 6
    MMME Session I Ends July 9
    Summer Science Institute Session II Ends July 19
    MMME Session II Begins July 12
    MMME Session II Ends July 30 
    MBA/MSN Session II Ends August 13
    Undergraduate Summer Session II and Full Term Courses Ends* August 21
    * Start and end dates vary for some undergraduate departments.

    Trinity Lutheran May Term

     May Term  2021
    Classes Begin April 26
    May Term Ends May 14
    Capstone Retreat May 20 - 21
    Commencement Rehearsal May 21
    Commencement May 22
    Spring Semester Grades Posted May 28
    Memorial Day - University Closed May 31

      Trinity Lutheran Seminary Summer Term A

    Summer Term A  2021
    Summer Term A Begins June 7
    Intensive Week (First-Year Interns) June 14 - 18
    Summer Term A Ends June 25 
    Summer A Grades Posted July 7

     Trinity Lutheran Seminary Summer Term B

     Summer Term B  2021
    Summer Term B Begins July 5
Summer Sessions