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    EnglishHistoryWorld Languages and CulturesPolitical ScienceEconomicsReligion and Philosophy

    Society needs and values critical thinkers. The analytical minds and careful communicators. The ones who ask questions and want to know why — so they can understand, improve lives, and make the world better place to live. For themselves. For the common good. It’s the definition of good citizenship.

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    Majors, Minors and Concentrations

    English • Creative Writing* • Professional Writing & Journalism* • Literature* • History* • International Studies • Spanish • French

    Political Science • Economics • Political Science & Economics • Public Administration

    Religion • Philosophy • Youth Ministry and Christian Education • Worship Ministries

    *Major also offered with Adolescent to Young Adult (Grades 7-12) education licensure.

    Big (and deep) thinkers are welcome here. The humanities attract idea explorers who ask the hard questions. Those that don’t have clear answers, and usually lead to more questions. If you love to dissect an argument and analyze the merit of the logic that holds it together, then one of our humanities programs is the right fit for you.

    Our students have a strong aptitude toward analytical reasoning, creative problem-solving and exceptional writing, whether they’re writing an instructional manual for the latest smartphone or a book review for the Sunday Times.

    They’re perfectly comfortable with ambiguity, and they thrive when lines are blurred. After all, society’s most complex challenges can’t be solved in silos. Ask Bill Gates about polio eradication, and he’ll tell you it requires public policy analysts, economists, educators, linguists, anthropologists, religious leaders, data analysts, communicators and more.

    That’s why we’ve designed our programs to encourage study beyond the boundaries of a defined major. Because being human has never been neat and tidy. Political theory spills over into philosophy. Literary theory looks to philosophy to decode great works. And to be truly understood, every idea and cultural artifact must be considered in context of its history. It’s in these intersections that we find answers to the world’s most persistent problems.

    Our majors, minors and concentrations in the humanities are distinct areas of study, but they’re connected by commonalities that stand the test of time. And once you master them, your knowledge base will be strong enough to withstand the latest economic or employment trend. And the next one. And the one after that. Because in the humanities at Capital, you’ll gain more than job training. You’ll develop transferable skills that enable you to think, communicate, solve problems and adapt to any field or environment. So your career choices will be virtually unlimited. Explore our majors, and find out how Capital can help you take the next step toward your educational and professional goals.