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    • Majors in Business include:
      Accounting  |  Financial Economics  |  Business Management  |  Marketing

      There's a lot more to business than stock markets, supply chains and financial reports. Your business education at Capital will make sure you're comfortable with it all.

      what you'll learn

      ACBSP LogoBusiness is about translating big ideas into products and services consumers value. It's about production and service, revenues and expenses. Regulation, customer relations and market analysis. Research and development. Investment and growing the bottom line. It's about owning your own piece of the American dream — whether you want to lead one of the Fortune 500 companies down the road from Capital University, or run your own shop on Main Street, where you'll produce local goods, fuel the local economy, employ local people, improve your neighbors' lives and the contribute to the common good.

      We offer majors in Accounting, Financial Economics, Business Management, and Marketing. Whatever your goal is in business and leadership, Capital will help you achieve it. Our curriculum is well-rounded, so you'll be grounded in the business fundamentals you'll need right out of college and down the road in your career. But you won't be entrenched in a particular disciple — because that's just not how successful business works these days.

      To have a competitive edge, you have to think, communicate and contribute across organizational lines accounting, economics, business law, marketing and management information systems. So that's how we've designed our curriculum and learning environment. So that when you graduate, you'll have a strong grasp of business foundations, and focus, skill and experience in the major of your choice. 

      COLUMBUS: A city full of opportunity 

      You'll also be expected to produce. That's why our programs have a strong internship component. It's actually required of all marketing majors. When you graduate, not only will you have the business knowledge you need to be highly employable, but you'll also have the experience to get started. And the portfolio to show for it.

      That's why our location is such an advantage for students. Our vibrant capital city of Columbus — and more broadly Central Ohio — give you convenient access to a wealth of corporations, small business, public and nonprofit enterprise and activities that will make your Capital experience even more relevant. It will also give you connections. 

      Our students have meaningful opportunities to connect with the business world. Executives visit as guest speakers, alumni return to share their experiences, and students engage in professional activities through internships, class projects and student chapters of professional associations.

      Explore your professional interests in virtually any field — from national accounting firms, professional sports teams and insurance to health care, public service, social enterprise and more. Here are some of our internship partners:

      • The American Cancer Society 
      • Bath & Body Works 
      • Deaf Initiatives 
      • Deloitte & Touche 
      • Department of Defense, 
      • Defense Audit Service 
      • Dodd Brokerage 
      • Dominion Homes
      • Ernst & Young
      • Fahlgren Mortine Public Relations
      • Fentress & Barnes
      • Hauser & Taylor
      • Huntington National Bank
      • KPMG
      • The Limited
      • Nationwide Children’s Hospital
      • Nationwide Insurance
      • Ohio Department of Human Services
      • PromoWest Productions
      • State of Ohio Auditor’s Office
      • Victoria’s Secret

      Capital University School of Management & Leadership Graduation Totals (BY Major)

        2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
      Accounting 14 12 14
      Business Admin 2 15 29
      Financial Economics 12 9 15
      Leadership & Management 25 25 7
      Marketing 23 40 20     
      MBA 57 60 75     


    • Partner in Purpose: Joe DeLoss 

      Preparing change-makers who lead at the intersection of social conscience and entrepreneurship. On Purpose. 

      DeLoss HeadshotIn just two years, Joe DeLoss has become one of the most talked-about social-cause entrepreneurs in Columbus. And he did it by selling really, really good Nashville-style fried Chicken.

      Joe is founder of Hot Chicken Takeover, a shop and food truck that’s a favorite of hungry downtown Columbus lunch crowds thanks to a delicious product — and a business model that provides good paying jobs for men and women who badly needed supportive employment.  

      "I believe HR is the single most efficient tool we have to tackle the cycle of poverty."

      - Joe DeLoss

      Joe was always active on campus and socially conscious. He worked in the Admission Office as a student ambassador, and he spent a good amount of his time participating in service activities with classmates. Today, he is leading change, creating employment opportunities for a specific population that needed a hand. That’s what Capital is all about: Preparing educated citizens and principled leaders who will serve and strengthen future communities near and far. 




    • Statements of Intended Student Learning Outcomes

      Faculty members in Capital’s business program are committed to the belief that the best preparation for a career in business is obtained by combining extensive study in the liberal arts with a major emphasizing the development of quantitative, analytical and human relations skills. In addition to attaining the general education goals of the University, the faculty has established the following learning outcome goals for our business majors:

      Functional Competence:
      • Demonstrate an appropriate level of knowledge and the ability to use concepts and tools from the major areas of business.
      Analytical and Conceptual Skills:
      • Critically analyze, synthesize and evaluate information to create practical, actionable alternatives in a dynamic and ambiguous business (and broader) context.
      Communication Competence:
      • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills for both formal and informal communication.
      Adaptability and Self-Awareness:
      • Demonstrate an awareness of the global business environment and the ability to respond to, understand and adapt to a diverse range of cultures, interpersonal styles, perceptions, and world views when interacting with others.
      • Demonstrate the ability to adopt the appropriate role on a team.
      • Demonstrate personal awareness and growth.
      Ethical Reasoning:
      • Identify ethical issues and apply a value-based reasoning system to ethical questions in business relationships.
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