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Integrated Marketing and Communications

Brand Matters 

Brands create identity, recognition, and reputation. At Capital, our brand can be seen in symbols and colors like Capital purple and gray and the university logo. These symbols invite school spirit and help to grow the connections we experience while we are here, and the connections that our graduates feel long after they are gone. It’s our brand that brings new students to Capital and helps them to feel a part of the CapFam. Brands tell who we are, what we do well, and what we value and work hard to achieve. As such, a brand is most effective when it is used consistently in communications throughout an organization.

The following resources will help you keep the Capital University brand consistent as you create marketing and communication tools for your departments, events, and programs. We have organized this site so that you can access tools and resources that are used most frequently. Capital’s Integrated Marketing Communications Office strengthens the University’s identity and supports its priorities and goals through an integrated approach to data-informed marketing, communications and public relations activities across all communication platforms. Our team is experienced and passionate about Capital’s mission and we are eager to help you achieve your marketing and communication goals through the services below.

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