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Career Coaching Your First Year Student

The first year is a time for students to explore both majors and careers, and to determine which major is the best fit.

Below are tips for helping declared and exploring students with their journey.

Students Who Have Declared a Major

That's great! But the quest might not be over yet. Most college students change their major at least once. To help your students determine if their major is a good choice for them (not just a major they picked from their favorite TV character!) use these tips:

  • Initiate conversations on major plans.
    Talk with your student about their choice and whether it is based on THEIR personal experience and preference.
  • Help your student clarify ideas, priorities and concerns.
    Provide feedback on specific interests and abilities you see in your student.
  • Help them to develop independent decision-making skills.
    Learning to make other small life decisions can help prepare students for major and career decisions.
  • Be prepared to support your student through the ups and downs of their major.

Exploring Students

This is great too! It's better for a student to choose Exploring than to randomly pick a major. Below are some tips for helping support your student's major choice:

  • Provide non-judgmental listening and honest feedback.
  • Listen, respond and ask questions.
    Your willingness to listen and be a sounding board will help keep you "in the loop".
  • See the situation from your student's perspective.
    Remember what it was like when you were their age.
  • Support your student's exploration of new areas of study and interests.
  • Encourage your student to take advantage of the resources available to them.
    Take a look at our resources on choosing a major and a career for more guidance.

The best way for us to help students is through individual appointments.
Encourage your student to contact us to set up an individual appointment.