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Career Coaching Your Junior

The Junior year is an important time for your student to gain experience in their field of interest. Below are some tips and links to other parts of the web site that might be helpful for you and your student throughout this year.

This year your student should:

Expand their list of 'contact' people and conduct informational interviews with people who have jobs that sound interesting.

The How to Get your Foot in the Door (PDF) booklet provides a step-by-step guide for your student including how to make contacts, questions to ask and how to follow up with your contacts.

Prepare their resume and have it reviewed by someone in our office.

Encourage your student to download the How to Write a Resume handbook (PDF) for a detailed guide to writing a resume. During the school year drop-in appointments are available.

Look for part time jobs and internships in their field of interest.

Encourage your student to register on our job and internship web site. Your student can come to the Career Development office and search our database of internships.

Prepare for Graduate or professional school; choose field and schools, prepare for tests.

For some professional programs, they need to complete these tests earlier in the Junior year. Your student can download the How to Get into Graduate and Professional School(PDF) booklet for a timeline of the application process and other helpful tips.

Schedule an appointment with a Career Development staff member.

The best way for us to help students is through individual appointments. Encourage your student to contact us to set up an individual appointment.