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    Tuition and Fees

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    • Traditional Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

      Capital University 2021-2022 Cost Before Aid
      Tuition - Full-time (12-18 hours) $38,928/year
      Tuition - Part-time (under 12 hours) $1,298 x credit hour = cost $1,298 /credit hour
      Overload Tuition (over 18 hours) Apply only after 18 hours $1,298 /credit hour
      Undergraduate Fees
      Activity Fee $100/year
      Health and Wellness (Full-time students only) $110/year
      Technology Fee      $200/year


    •  Intensive English Program Tuition and Fees

      If you wish to study on an F-1 (Student) visa, you must be enrolled full time. If you have a different immigration status, it is possible to study part time. However, please note that all classes meet five days a week, Monday – Friday.

      Students who need an I-20 must submit financial documentation for the length of their study. For example, students planning to study English for one semester need to show $15,299. Students planning to study a full academic year one year need to show $30,598.

      INTENSIVE ENGLISH PROGRAM 2021-2022  Semester  Full Year
      Tuition $7,340 $14,680
      Mandatory health & wellness fee (for use of Campus Health Center) $55      $110
      Technology Fee $100 $200
      Estimated living expenses (Room and Board) $6,004 $12,008
      Estimated books, insurance, supplies $1,800 $3,600
      Total $15,299 $30,598
      There is no tuition deposit or pre-payment required for IEP students before classes begin. However, payment is due the first week of the semester. A late fee is assessed for students who pay late.

    • Summer Sessions Tuition and Fees

      Summer Sessions Tuition and Fees for 2022  
      Summer School 2022 and Summer Science Institute 2022 $527 per credit hour
    • Course Fees - Social Work
      Social Work 462 and 464$389
    • Course Fees - Conservatory
      Conservatory Primary Lesson Fee$939
      Conservatory Secondary Lesson Fee$570
      Conservatory Group Lesson Fee$336
      Dance Technique Course Fee$336
    • Course Fees - Education
      Professional Education (Student Teaching Semester)$480
      Education Testing Fee- Educ. 401$100
    • Course Fees - Nursing
      Nursing 300, 301, 326, 365, 400, 420, and 450 $195/credit hour
      Nursing 327, 328, 331, and 332*$195/credit hour
      Nursing 463$454/credit hour
      Nursing 525$100/credit hour

      * Nursing students admitted Fall 2021 or later will take Nursing 327, 328, 331, and 332. These four modular courses replace Nursing 326 and 365.


    If you live outside of a 30-mile radius of Columbus, you are required to live on campus for your first two years (or until you have completed 60 credit hours).

    Room and board rates

    First-year residents must purchase the Ultimate Plus Plan.

    available meal plans


    Information on costs for books and course materials.


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    Please note the data in the net price calculator reflect institutional aid awarded in previous years. The new data that informs institutional aid awarded in this year will be updated later this fall. If you have questions about your financial award, the net price calculator or anything else related to admission, financial aid or affording Capital, please contact your admission counselor.


    All fees are subject to change without notice. Capital University reserves the right to change, delete or add to this pricing schedule as deemed appropriate.