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Academic Building Lockdown

Steps to Follow

If the command to go into lockdown is given: 

  • Immediately stop all activity and try to stay as calm and quiet as possible.
  • If possible, lock yourself in the room you are in.
  • Place yourself in a position of least visibility.
  • Occupants should be seated below window level, toward the middle of a room away from windows and doors.
  • Turn off all lights or maintain minimal lighting.
  • Turn off all radios or other devices that emit sound.
  • Silence cell phones.
  • Make a list of the names of students and staff in the classroom.
  • If gunshots are heard, quickly barricade the door with furniture or anything you can push against it and lay on the floor using heavy objects (e.g. tables, filing cabinets) for shelter.
  • Do not unlock doors or attempt to leave until instructed to do so by the Department of Public Safety.

Remember – unwanted hostile people will not stop until police engage them. The last option, if an intruder catches you, is to determine if you should fight back. This option is dangerous, but depending on the situation, it may be a last resort. If you are in a hostage situation, do not promise or refuse anything.

If you are aware of someone who is seriously injured:

  • Notify the Department of Public Safety 614-236-6666 only if it is safe to do so.
  • Place a sign in an exterior window to identify the location of the injured person/people.

If someone outside the secured area needs to be rescued:

  • Consider the risks before unsecuring a room.
  • Do not attempt to rescue people if it cannot be accomplished without further endangering the people inside the secured area.

After the lockdown:

  • Once the crisis has concluded, the Director of Public Safety will communicate to officers the termination of the lockdown.
  • In the building/buildings directly affected, officers will go door-to-door to communicate the termination of the lockdown.
  • Messages announcing the termination of the lockdown will be transmitted using the REACT software and MIR 3 messaging systems. The Big Voice messaging system will not be used to communicate the termination of the lockdown.

NOTE: This advice cannot cover every possible situation that might occur.