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Residence Halls Lockdown

Residence hall occupants will be alerted to a lockdown by either the Capital University emergency message notification system, four brief soundings of an air horn, and/or door-to-door notification by Public Safety or Residence Life Staff.

Steps to Follow

When the command to go into lockdown is given:

  • Students are to proceed to their residence hall room and place themselves in a position of least visibility.
  • Doors and windows must be locked and/or barricaded and interior blinds should be drawn and closed.
  • Stay away from doors and windows.
  • Please remain calm and limit noise.
  • Turn off all lights or maintain minimal lighting.
  • If directed, please refrain from using cell phones during a lockdown.
  • No students will be allowed in the hallways.
  • If an emergency restroom visit is needed, the student should be accompanied by Public Safety. This may not be possible, depending upon the situation; however, all efforts must be made to ensure the student’s and staff’s safety.
  • Public Safety or Residence Life and Housing staff will lock all exterior doors.
  • Students should remain in their assigned room until further notification by Public Safety or Residence Life staff.

After the lockdown

Once the lockdown has concluded, the director of Public Safety will communicate to officers the termination of the lockdown.

  • In the building/buildings directly affected, officers will go door-to-door to communicate the termination of the lockdown.
  • Messages announcing the termination of the lockdown will be transmitted using the REACT software and CapAlert. The Big Voice messaging system will not be used to communicate the termination of the lockdown.

NOTE: This advice cannot cover every possible situation that might occur.