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Hazardous Materials

A hazardous materials incident may be a spill or release of chemicals, radioactive materials or biological materials inside a building or into the environment. The user may manage simple spills. Major spills or emergencies require emergency assistance from 24-hour emergency agencies, i.e., the Columbus Fire Department or Columbus Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Team.

By definition a simple spill does not spread rapidly and does not endanger people or the environment. A trained individual can provide the clean up. By definition a major spill spreads rapidly and endangers people and/or the environment.

Steps to Follow

  • If a major spill occurs, you should clear the area immediately until the material is identified, cleaned up or removed.
  • Contact Public Safety immediately 614-236-6666. They will dispatch Facilities Management to identify spills, assess hazards to life and property and initiate cleanup.
  • Public Safety will initiate emergency response, and determine if 9-1-1 is required.
  • Facilities Management will contact building stakeholders and provide them with an assessment of damage, and if possible, estimated timeline for cleaning and repairs.
  • CIRT will be notified if spill involves large areas of campus or pose an immediate threat to health and safety.
  • Anyone who may be contaminated by the spill should avoid contact with others as much as possible, remain in the vicinity and give necessary information to authorities. Required first aid and cleanup by specialized authorities should be started at once.
  • If the Fire Department is involved, the incident commander from the Fire Department will determine when an incident is controlled and stabilized and will transfer authority and responsibility for the site to Public Safety. Public Safety will transfer authority and responsibility back to the unit, department, or facility tenant as appropriate for the situation.