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Floods may create conditions hazardous to the health of students, faculty and staff, and destroy university property. A limited flood is one that occurs locally within a specific facility. A major flood is one that occurs from a storm water overflow or Alum Creek overflowing its banks.

Steps to Follow

  • Flooding should be reported to Public Safety at 614-236-6666.
  • If flooding is major, clear the flooded area.
  • Do not attempt to drive vehicles into flood waters.
  • The CIMT and CIRT will be notified of the flood if it involves large areas of campus and poses an immediate threat to health and safety.
  • Essential personnel as identified in the Severe Weather Operations Policy are to remain on campus for the duration of an emergency, unless conditions become unsafe.
  • It will become the responsibility of each department to physically relocate their own equipment, supplies, etc.
  • Facilities Management personnel will have the primary responsibility of addressing flooding conditions on buildings, building mechanical systems, and utilities.