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General Utility Outage

Utility outages may create conditions hazardous to the health of students, faculty and staff. A utility outage may occur locally within specific facilities or campus wide. A utility outage may have occurred if any of the following items stop functioning: air conditioning, electricity, data, gas, heating, lights (e.g. street, parking lots, sidewalks, buildings), telephone or water.

Steps to Follow

  • Contact Public Safety if any of the listed campus utilities are not functioning.
  • Facilities Management, Public Safety, and IT will determine the extent of the outage and assess the threat level. This assessment will consist of a brief statement which summarizes the impact of the situation, any related hazards and available information on when utilities will be restored. Any utility outages which pose an immediate threat to human life will initiate the CIMT.
  • Public Safety, Facilities Management, and IT will notify the agency having jurisdiction. This agency will then direct any action required.
  • Public Safety, in conjunction with Facilities Management will notify Media Relations to prepare appropriate communication both internal and external.
  • Facilities Management will contact building stakeholders, provide them with an assessment of damage, and estimated timeline for repairs. Faculty and staff may be asked to assist in the removal and safeguarding of university and personal property, only after the safety of occupants is insured.
  • If it becomes necessary, Public Safety and Facilities Management will evacuate and close buildings that are affected.